HNN is Compliant with Herbalife’s Rule 24-C

We first posted information on Rule 24-C in mid-March. This rule requires all personal websites to utilize access codes to view product prices or to place an order. Our implementation of and transition to the use of access codes went very smoothly; special thanks to those HNN members who offered advice as we worked through specific issues.

If you are unfamiliar with the access code requirement, log in to your HNN members account at to discover the code you can insert on your business cards and other materials you personally deliver to potential customers.

2 thoughts on “HNN is Compliant with Herbalife’s Rule 24-C

  1. Bizworks has been replaced by the new “go herbalife” sites, which do not show prices. The “go Herbalife” sites do not notify you of orders, either, so you must check for new orders daily, or you will miss it!

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