WFH System

WFH System

Thanks to everyone who has tried out the new “Work From Home System” Herbalife recruiting website. If you missed the announcement, you can read that here, or you can view the demo site here:

I wanted to give you all a quick update on the new service, and let you know what our “Development Roadmap” will look like. First of all, we’ve made some improvements and changes that will help you use the service:

  • The “Contact Me” link in the footer now goes to a dedicated contact form – rather than linking to your HNN contact form
  • You’ll now receive an email when you get a new lead submitted at page 1 of the site
  • Duplicate emails are now ignored, so your prospects can re-visit and re-enter their information without triggering an error

In addition, we’ve identified some of the most common feature requests for the site. We will use your suggestions and ideas as we improve the site over the coming months. If you think we’ve overlooked something important, please contact us with your suggestions, or leave your comment at the on this page.

Upcoming Features – These items are subject to change!

  • Editable Text
  • Improved Localization (currency references: Dollars, Euros, Rands, Etc)
  • Multiple Languages
  • Ability to sell IBP/Decision Kit directly from the site

If you’d be interested in helping us revise and improve the site, please let us know. In addition, if you’d be willing to help translate the site into different languages for your country, please let us know!