HNN Local Search

If you’re new to HNN, here’s a brief rundown of how the HNN Local Search feature works:

1.) New Visitors – we use own own proprietary system to look up their “IP Address” and then lookup their city and state. We then find a “local distributor” and place in the “Featured Distributor” section at the top of the page, along with their city prefilled into the “Search for a Distributor” text box. They can either shop directly from the “Featured Distributor” on the homepage, or search for more local distributors and find one that’s closer (if they wish).

2.) Repeat Visitors – Once someone has visited your HNN webiste, we’ll store your information as their “Featured Distributor”, so next time they visit HNN, they’ll automatically see YOU as their Featured Distributor. That way, if they’ve forgotten your HNN username, they can still easily find you from the HNN homepage.