Leads, leads, and more leads… it’s probably the one item you wish you had more of. As a HNN member, you now have access to a new training video which you won’t find anyplace else! You can now view this new 30 minute training video right now, for free, in the HNN member’s area. This video was designed to show you exactly what you need to do to make sure your website and contact information are accessible to potential clients in your area. I don’t want to give too much away, but you can preview this video, which was designed exclusively for Herbalife, right here. I’ll embed the preview video on this page for your convenience. To view all of it, you must login to your HNN account here.

If you like the content, please view the video on Youtube, and give us a “thumbs up” in order to show your appreciation!


Have you ever stopped and thought about the lifetime value of a new retail customer? Do you realize that businesses will sometimes spend hundreds of dollars to acquire one new customer?

One of the biggest reasons to use HNN for your Herbalife Retail Site is because our popular locate map can help drive local customers to you. If a new customer purchases a Herbalife weight loss program, a distributor can earn a significant profit. One or two new retail customers, over a span of 6 to 12 months can easily pay for the cost of your HNN retail website.

Weather you live in Tulsa, Dallas, Los Angeles or New York, all HNN Herbalife distributors have an equal chance of being found. With HNN, local customers have the ability to be directed right to your retail website.

These leads can, in effect, become completely free. Since you also have access to our Herbalife WLC website, you also have access to one of the best tools for managing your next WLC online.

These are just a few of the reasons why HNN is the preferred retail choice of thousands of distributors around the world.

We’re proud to announce a new tool for HNN members: a FREE customizable recruiting site that you can use to promote the Herbalife business opportunity. It’s called “Work from Home System,” and we’re very excited to bring this exclusively to HNN members. It is NOW available in every country where HNN is currently ‘open for business’.

Initially, the site will be English-only and have limited customization options, but will soon have more languages, options and features. The site is undergoing final testing, but we thought you might enjoy trying it out.

Feel free to browse and try out the demo site here:


The features that we eventually work into the site will be based upon YOUR feedback and suggestions, so we’re excited to be developing this based upon YOUR ideas.

To see your business opportunity website, please follow these instructions:

Go to http://herbal-nutrition.net/ and log in to the Member’s area
Place your mouse over Biz Op in the Menu bar

Select Activate Your Site!

Look over the instructions concerning your username and the video. If no changes are to be made, you are finished! If you make changes, be sure to hit Update at the bottom of the page.

To test the site, go to your new business opportunity site at http://workfromhomesystem.com/yourusername

At this time, all leads will be delivered to the Member’s area under Biz Op. Within the next week, those leads will also be delivered to the email account you use for your HNN retail site.

The main thing you’ll be able to modify at first is the video that appears on the homepage. The video can be replaced with any video that’s hosted on YouTube. This means you could even create your own video, upload it and then … Imagine the possibilities!

Over the next few days, we’ll be adding some more information about this project and it’s ongoing development to the HNN Blog. Check in over the next few days to see what we have planned for the new “Work from Home System” site, and to get a sneak peek at our NEXT project!!

Questions? Suggestions? Please let us know! And thank you for supporting the Herbal Nutrition Network!

Since we’re one of the world’s smallest companies (Mark, Kevin and our programmer Zach), we’re always looking for low-cost tools we can use to run our small business more effectively.

You see, I work at home, out of an office in our detached garage. It’s a great setup, because I’m close to the family, but I can avoid some of the “day-to-day” distractions of having a home office. One of the problems this creates is which phone number to give to clients. I have a home number, an office # and a mobile phone number.

As a Herbalife Independent Distributor, you probably have a similar problem. In addition, it’s always good to have a separate phone number for your business so you’re not listing a home or mobile number on your business cards.

That’s why I was really excited when I learned about Google Voice. This is another great free tool from Google. It allows you to create a new local phone number which can ring multiple phones at once. For example, you can create a new phone number which rings both your home and office # at the same time. That way, your customers can reach you wherever you’re at, and it even comes with free voicemail and the ability to screen your incoming calls.

Google Voice is currently available by requesting an invitation, which usually takes about a week. Learn more here:


Are you looking to boost local traffic to your HNN website? What if there was a great new way to get local search traffic to your HNN website – without spending a penny?

Local search results in Google.

Local search results in Google. Click for larger image.

One of the great things about the Herbal Nutrition Network is that we provide visibility for distributors who are using our services. The locate map on our homepage is designed to send local traffic directly to your HNN website. And since Google is the most popular search engine, you can now increase the likelihood that someone will find you by adding your business information to Google’s new Local Business Center. The local business center is a free service that will allow you to customize the way your business listing appears in Google. You’re able to customize the way your listing appears – you can even link the listing directly to your HNN website and add current promotions and coupons to the listing!

As search engines continue to increase their emphasis on local search results, we only expect to see more localized results from search engines in the future.  Above is a screenshot of a search for “herbalife” in Google on 8/17/2009. The local result appeared automatically about halfway down the page. I did not specify a city name, I just searched for “herbalife”. If you search for “herbalife, Wichita, KS”, you’ll also see local results – but higher up on the page.

This is a relatively new feature from Google, so you can expect to see the listings change from day to day, but we think this is a fantastic opportunity to position your Herbalife distributorship for local growth.

You can read more about the Google Local Business Center here, or you can add your HNN website to the Local Business Center here. As you add your listing, don’t forget to add your complete HNN address to the listing, including your username.

Example: http://herbal-nutrition.net/mark

Also, if you don’t want your home phone number in the listing, check out Google Voice. This is another free tool from Google that allows you to create a new local phone number for free. The Google Voice number will ring the phone number(s) of your choice and even comes with free voicemail.