Herbalife announced a 2% price increase for the US and Canada effective March 6, and the new prices have been posted on the HNN websites.

As you may know, Herbalife has made changes to their Weight Management Programs and to the labeling on several of their products. In short, the Shapeworks Protein Plus programs are no longer available in the US; in addition, the contents and price of the Ultimate program has changed.

HNN US retail sites have been updated for the members. However, if you had any of the Protein Plus programs as a Featured Product, you will need to adjust your selections in the HNN Members area. Just log in at http://herbal-nutrition.net/ go to Manage Store, then choose Featured Products. Make your changes and hit Update at the bottom of the page.

Also, please note that the following products have had label changes:labels

Schizandra Plus
Herbal Aloe Ready to Drink

Finally, in addition to new labels …

RoseOx is now RoseGuard
Tang Kuei Plus has a new SKU: 0566

Again, HNN websites have been completely updated. If you don’t see the changes
the next time you view your site, please click on View, then Refresh, or hit the F5

button on your keyboard.

Merry Christmas from the HNN Team!