HNN vs. Bizworks

From time to time, we have distributors who ask us about the differences between HNN and Bizworks. It’s a fair question, and one that we’re glad to address. Bizworks is a fine retail solution for some distributors. However, there are definitely some advantages to using HNN instead of, or WITH, your Bizworks site.

Isn’t Bizworks Automatic?

Some distributors want to use Bizworks because they think it does everything ‘automatically’. That’s not entirely true. Here’s some information directly from the Bizworks terms and conditions:

The “My Websites” portion of BizWorks Websites and BizWorks Complete is designed only to collect and forward customer order information to me, which I may accept or reject as I see fit. Regardless of the version of BizWorks to which I subscribe, it is my sole responsibility to respond to orders, to maintain my own books and records of all transactions and communications with my customers

You see, no website is entirely automatic. Any website you use is going to require your interaction. And, as we will discuss in a minute, even if you could entirely automate your retail site, you really wouldn’t want to!

But what about Herbalife Order Fulfillment?

Also, please consider the following, this is from Herbalife’s Bizworks Payment Settings Page:

Herbalife Fulfillment
Please keep in mind for each order there will be a 5% fee deducted from the Distributors commision (fee of 1.5% of the credit card and 3.5% service fee).

Are you really willing to pay an additional 5% just to keep from ordering from MyHerbalife? What if its a local customer and you have the product on hand?  What if they order the wrong product? What if they would be better served by adding to their order after talking to you? Wouldn’t you prefer to take a few minutes and make sure the customer is getting everything they need and then delivering in person (if you have it on hand) rather than making them wait for it to arrive in the mail?

Why ship an order across the country if you already have the products on hand?

Here’s a brief rundown on some of the other advantages of HNN  – many of which you won’t find anywhere else:

  • HNN Local Search – Routes local customers directly to your HNN website.
  • Discounts/Coupon Codes – Provide discounts to customers/family
  • Multiple Payment options – PayPal, Propay, Merchant Account
  • Multiple Countries/Multiple Languages
  • Customizable – Change the text and upload your images
  • Superior Customer Service – Talk directly with the site owners and programmer
  • Annual billing option allows you to save over 15%

With HNN your site can be customized with your TEXT, PICTURES, and your HERBALIFE STORY. When you’re using the use, wear, talk strategy, you don’t tell the same story that other distributors tell, so we think it’s important that your website reflects your individual story and success with the products.

HNN Local Search – Helping local customers find you!

We received an email a few weeks a go from a distributor who was considering Bizworks. After discussing some of the pros and cons, he decided to stay with HNN. Less than a week later, this distributor received a call from a local person who was looking for a distributor! Of course we can’t promise you’ll get leads from the HNN homepage. However, it’s been our experience that there are definitely benefits to being listed in HNN!

Bonus Websites!

HNN provides you with a business opportunity website, in addition to our new local WLC tool LoseBig.Net! Three sites for one low price, outstanding customer service, and listing on the HNN homepage.

Need more convincing? Check out these distributor testimonials!