Herbalife has just announced an update to their “Price Advertising Rule” which will affect your HNN retail website. Effective April 8th, 2010, all retail websites will be required to have a customer password before those customers can view prices. Here’s the information direct from Herbalife:

In 2009 Herbalife introduced a Price Advertising Rule in the US, which we are
updating at this time to include additional provisions which make it a requirement for websites that reflect
pricing information to be accessible to the general public ONLY via the use of passwords.

We view this as a positive development for distributors, as this will discourage the use of discounting as a promotional technique. You see, we believe that customers want to buy from the distributor who will serve them the best, and not just sell at the lowest price. Mark Hughes believed in ‘use, wear, and talk’, and this price rule will allow you to ‘talk’ to your customers before they see prices.

We’re going to use this opportunity to activate a customer login module we’ve been working on, which will allow your HNN retail site to stay in compliance with Herbalife’s rules, and allow repeat customers to login to a personal account for quick and easy reordering. We will do everything we can to make this as simple as possible for your Herbalife retail customers!

If you have questions about this rule, please contact distributor relations at (866) 866-4744.

To read the entire rule, please see: Herbalife_Price_Advertising_Rule.pdf (Adobe PDF Required)

We received an email yesterday from a distributor in the UK letting us know about a new price rule for distributors in the UK.

Basically, it’s now unacceptable to display prices on a website (or other advertisements) for the general public. Here’s the information, directly from Herbalife’s announcement:

Dear Distributors,

Internet Price Advertising Rule Being Introduced to the UK from October 1st, 2009

Following extensive consultations with our Distributor leadership groups, Herbalife is pleased to announce that it is implementing the following additional rule, which will come in to force in the UK on 1st October 2009.This rule covers Price Advertising and focusses on ensuring that we protect the person to person nature of our business for all Distributors.

We strongly advise you to read the new rule, which covers all forms of price advertising. Click here to read the Price Advertising Rule.

Please carefully review the attached rule, which is being circulated to all TAB team members. This rule will also be posted online for general review.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that Herbalife will begin strongly enforcing this rule with effect from the 1st October and so we would encourage you to ensure that any changes that may be required to your business tools or those of your downlines are incorporated ahead of this date.

With sincere thanks,

Herbalife Distributor Service Team.

You can read the entire rule for yourself here in Adobe PDF Format. (PDF Reader Required)

HNN is dedicated to providing low-cost retail sites to Herbalife Independent Distributors around the world, and will be working to bring our sites into compliance with this new rule by the October 1st deadline.