We’re proud to announce a new tool for HNN members: a FREE customizable recruiting site that you can use to promote the Herbalife business opportunity. It’s called “Work from Home System,” and we’re very excited to bring this exclusively to HNN members. It is NOW available in every country where HNN is currently ‘open for business’.

Initially, the site will be English-only and have limited customization options, but will soon have more languages, options and features. The site is undergoing final testing, but we thought you might enjoy trying it out.

Feel free to browse and try out the demo site here:


The features that we eventually work into the site will be based upon YOUR feedback and suggestions, so we’re excited to be developing this based upon YOUR ideas.

To see your business opportunity website, please follow these instructions:

Go to http://herbal-nutrition.net/ and log in to the Member’s area
Place your mouse over Biz Op in the Menu bar

Select Activate Your Site!

Look over the instructions concerning your username and the video. If no changes are to be made, you are finished! If you make changes, be sure to hit Update at the bottom of the page.

To test the site, go to your new business opportunity site at http://workfromhomesystem.com/yourusername

At this time, all leads will be delivered to the Member’s area under Biz Op. Within the next week, those leads will also be delivered to the email account you use for your HNN retail site.

The main thing you’ll be able to modify at first is the video that appears on the homepage. The video can be replaced with any video that’s hosted on YouTube. This means you could even create your own video, upload it and then … Imagine the possibilities!

Over the next few days, we’ll be adding some more information about this project and it’s ongoing development to the HNN Blog. Check in over the next few days to see what we have planned for the new “Work from Home System” site, and to get a sneak peek at our NEXT project!!

Questions? Suggestions? Please let us know! And thank you for supporting the Herbal Nutrition Network!

Last week, the HNN webmasters randomly selected one of our members to win a $100 USD gift certificate!

Congratulations to Ronnie Patterson! Congratulations, Ronnie!

Keep looking for more ways to win with HNN!

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Welcome to the HNN blog, where the webmasters of HNN will be sharing news and information about HNN with the members of HNN.

In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be telling you more about HNN, how we got started, and where we’re going. You see, we’re a small company, founded by two former school teachers a little over 10 years ago, and we’ve learned a lot about “internet marketing” and “running your own business” over the years. We think it’s important that we do more to help Herbalife Independent Distributors learn how to get the most out of their HNN website, especially during a recession.

HNN is the best value in web hosting for Herbalife Independent Distributors, but unless you know exactly how to get the most out of your HNN website, it won’t do you any good. One long-time HNN distributor once compared her HNN website to a sports car sitting in the garage – lots of potential, but unsure how to really use it.

We hope to help correct that! Stay tuned!