Since we’re one of the world’s smallest companies (Mark, Kevin and our programmer Zach), we’re always looking for low-cost tools we can use to run our small business more effectively.

You see, I work at home, out of an office in our detached garage. It’s a great setup, because I’m close to the family, but I can avoid some of the “day-to-day” distractions of having a home office. One of the problems this creates is which phone number to give to clients. I have a home number, an office # and a mobile phone number.

As a Herbalife Independent Distributor, you probably have a similar problem. In addition, it’s always good to have a separate phone number for your business so you’re not listing a home or mobile number on your business cards.

That’s why I was really excited when I learned about Google Voice. This is another great free tool from Google. It allows you to create a new local phone number which can ring multiple phones at once. For example, you can create a new phone number which rings both your home and office # at the same time. That way, your customers can reach you wherever you’re at, and it even comes with free voicemail and the ability to screen your incoming calls.

Google Voice is currently available by requesting an invitation, which usually takes about a week. Learn more here:

Welcome to the HNN blog, where the webmasters of HNN will be sharing news and information about HNN with the members of HNN.

In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be telling you more about HNN, how we got started, and where we’re going. You see, we’re a small company, founded by two former school teachers a little over 10 years ago, and we’ve learned a lot about “internet marketing” and “running your own business” over the years. We think it’s important that we do more to help Herbalife Independent Distributors learn how to get the most out of their HNN website, especially during a recession.

HNN is the best value in web hosting for Herbalife Independent Distributors, but unless you know exactly how to get the most out of your HNN website, it won’t do you any good. One long-time HNN distributor once compared her HNN website to a sports car sitting in the garage – lots of potential, but unsure how to really use it.

We hope to help correct that! Stay tuned!