Herbalife Retail Sites and the New UK Pricing Rules

If you’re a visitor to this site from the United Kingdom, you’re probably aware of the new pricing rules for websites which are now in effect.

Basically, it’s now unacceptable to display prices on a website (or other advertisements) for the general public.  You must be able to provide unique access codes to your visitors – if you can’t do this, your site will not be in compliance, and you place your distributorship in jeopardy! HNN is fully compliant with this requirement! First, review the official announcement from Herbalife, and then learn how you can quickly and easily get your own fully compliant HNN Retail Site!

Here’s the information, directly from Herbalife’s announcement:

Dear Distributors,

Internet Price Advertising Rule Being Introduced to the UK from October 1st, 2009

Following extensive consultations with our Distributor leadership groups, Herbalife is pleased to announce that it is implementing the following additional rule, which will come in to force in the UK on 1st October 2009.This rule covers Price Advertising and focusses on ensuring that we protect the person to person nature of our business for all Distributors.

We strongly advise you to read the new rule, which covers all forms of price advertising. Click here to read the Price Advertising Rule.

Please carefully review the attached rule, which is being circulated to all TAB team members. This rule will also be posted online for general review.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that Herbalife will begin strongly enforcing this rule with effect from the 1st October and so we would encourage you to ensure that any changes that may be required to your business tools or those of your downlines are incorporated ahead of this date.

With sincere thanks,

Herbalife Distributor Service Team.

You can read the entire rule for yourself here in Adobe PDF Format. (PDF Reader Required)

The Herbal Nutrition Network is one of the leading retail site providers in the UK, and is now fully compliant with this new rule!

Click here to see learn more about HNN and see a sample HNN website!

You can register for your own HNN retail website here.