More Local Leads from HNN

Leads, leads, and more leads… it’s probably the one item you wish you had more of. As a HNN member, you now have access to a new training video which you won’t find anyplace else! You can now view this new 30 minute training video right now, for free, in the HNN member’s area. This video was designed to show you exactly what you need to do to make sure your website and contact information are accessible to potential clients in your area. I don’t want to give too much away, but you can preview this video, which was designed exclusively for Herbalife, right here. I’ll embed the preview video on this page for your convenience. To view all of it, you must login to your HNN account here.

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2 thoughts on “More Local Leads from HNN

  1. Hi Muhammad,
    If you would like to discuss how Herbalife can help you, please contact me by phone (07828138382) or by email ([email protected] ). I look forward to talking with you
    Kindest regards
    Paul Osman

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