Herbalife Customer Newsletter – ONLY from HNN!

As part of marketing your Herbalife business, it’s really important that you’re building a customer list and then marketing to that list on a consistent basis. One of the best ways to do this is through a customer newsletter. You want one one which allows you to create autoresponders to automatically follow-up with your customers and prospective customers.

We’re proud to announce we’ve just “re-launched” the new HNN Newsletter feature. This works in conjunction with a your personal aweber account and allows you to build a customer list and send them a nicely formatted newsletter to your customers anytime you’d like.

Here’s a brief overview of setting the feature up. In the coming weeks we’ll be showing you how to create a newsletter and send out, and then also how you can create your own automatic sequence of emails.

Don’t have an aweber account? You can sign up here for just $1.


Rather keep things simple? Don’t worry, we also offer the ‘HNN Managed’ Newsletter which is available for you at no additional charge.

28 thoughts on “Herbalife Customer Newsletter – ONLY from HNN!

  1. Hi, thanks for the detailed description as to how to make use of the website., I wish to try., thanks again., hope it works well !

  2. Mailchimp will not work anymore, as “health and wellness” sites are against their terms of use. We hope to have new mailer option online later this fall.

  3. Is there a way to do this through auto responder? I dont want to open another account if I dont have to.

  4. I did a test by signing up for the managed newsletter through my own page on HNN but, the confirmation letter came back as “We received your request for information from the hnn_managed_en group.” i.e. not from me!

    Also it showed as being from “Small Planet Online, PO Box 216, Howard, KS 67349, USA” i.e. again not from me.

  5. The actual newsletter itself says it is from me but as above, not the confirmation.

  6. No, you can use the managed option and we will send out newsletters on your behalf. If you desire to send something custom out, you would need your own aweber account.

  7. You’re correct, because technically all of the newsletters come from the same address/source, if you’re using managed. However, we put your name and contact info in the newsletters that go out. The original confirmation email isn’t as customizable.

  8. Yes, that’s our legal name. Can-spam dictates an actual company name and mailing address. You may want to consider getting your own aweber account so you can have more control over it.

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