Beware the HGC Ultra Scam!! What to do if you fall victim!

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It has recently come to our attention that there is a virus spreading around Facebook that impersonates your friends and encourage you to order “HGC Ultra” weightloss product.

The facebook virus then takes you to a website located outside of the United States and then allows you to order. Unfortunately, the product and website are a scam, and the product will not be delivered.

In addition, this company will send you an email confirmation with the email address “[email protected]” as their email address. This company is illegally using one of our domain names as their “reply to” address. Since they are located outside of the USA (we’ve heard conflicting reports, but they are either hosted in Russia or China), it’s almost impossible to get them to stop.

Unfortunately “” is a domain name that we own, and people who search for that domain wind up on the website of The Herbal Nutrition Network and assume that somehow we are the ones who scammed them.  HNN is a directory of Herbalife distributors and does not sell HGC Ultra, and we certainly don’t scam anyone!

Been scammed by HGC Ultra? Here’s what to do:

  1. Stay calm. It’s relatively easy to get your credit card to refund the money.
  2. Please don’t spread misinformation about Herbal-Nutrition.Net – We are not the company who scammed you.
  3. Personally, I’d break off all communication with the scammers. The less of your personal info you give them, the better.
  4. Contact your credit card company and request to file a “chargeback”. Keep in mind that the company name on your statement and the amount charged may be different than what you asssume it will be.
  5. Have your credit card company reissue you a new card with a different number. This is kind of a pain, but will make sure your card isn’t charged again without your authorization.
  6. Stay vigilant. Since the scammers have your email address, it’s very likely they will try to scam you again.

4 thoughts on “Beware the HGC Ultra Scam!! What to do if you fall victim!

  1. it is not logic that you what they did and leave them scamming people
    it will influence your reputation surely

  2. Thank you for this information. This scam almost got me but thanks to your advise i know better what to do next time. By the way, it was a friend of mine who sent me that scam email without realizing it was a scam. But thanks to him, i decided to join as independent distributor of HNN.

  3. It’s truly unfortunate that we have to be subjected to this. However, we’re doing our best to help those who have been scammed and are working hard to keep our reputation clean! We’ve been serving the Herbalife community since 1999 and are members of our local BBB with an A Rating!

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