Streamlining Your Next Weight Loss Challenge!

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Our new local WLC website is currently completing it’s first round of testing. We’re adding new features, improving the site navigation and tools, and getting ready to bring in a new group of distributors to review the site.

At first, LoseBig will be used primarily as a ‘landing page’ for your local WLC advertising, as well as online challenge registration and payment. After that, the next phase of development will be creating a series of reports for you to use for your challenges.

Our overall goal for LoseBig is to create a resource that will be so useful to you as a distributor, that you will want to use it for your challenges even if none of your participants do!

For example, the site will be able go generate attendance and statistic charts in PDF format that you will be able to print off and take with you to each challenge. Each week, you could record the participants weights on a form, then enter the data into the LoseBig website. Participants can then login and review their data, view graphs, and download the training PDFs from the site.

At the conclusion of the challenge, you could generate a professionally formatted report with their statistics on it, along with graphs and other data. You could print these and hand them out to each participant (for those who don’t use the site), or your participants could log into their account and download it themselves, if they wish.

We have a lot of questions for you as we complete the website, and your feedback is critical. If you could take a few minutes and review these questions, and then send us your answers we would greatly appreciate it. Also, if you have any templates for reports that you would be willing to share with us, that would be outstanding.


  1. What do you require at registration? Basic contact information, of course, but what other data would you like to gather?
  2. Would you like the participant to complete a ‘wellness questionnaire’?
  3. What a bout a ‘lifestyle questionnaire’ that could be used to determine products for your participant? Do you currently use anything like this?
  4. Do you take ‘before and after’ pictures of each participant?

Before Your First Challenge

  1. What information do you take to your first challenge? Challenge roster for attendance?
  2. Do you have a form you use for on-site enrollment?
  3. Do you use any checklist for each participant? What items are on this checklist?
  4. How do you currently track attendance? Do you use a form for this?

Tracking Data

  1. What data do you record each week for your participants?
  2. Besides the spreadsheet available from Herbalife, what do you use to keep track of this?
  3. Do you take measurements? Which ones, and how often?

Completing the Challenge

  1. Do you present your participants with a handout showing their final weight, total weight lost, or other data?
  2. If so, how do you create this? What follow-up information do you leave them with?


  1. What kind of follow-up do you do with your participants after the challenge?

Finally, in what other ways do you see our new web service fitting in with your local WLC?

Please contact us with your ideas and suggestions as soon as you can!

4 thoughts on “Streamlining Your Next Weight Loss Challenge!

  1. We have to admit that herbal-nutrition is doing an amazing work for getting people achieving their weight loss goals. Congratulations for this new project!

  2. I cant register a city, the system show me a notice saying: Direction Null
    I want to register a WLC for Mexico City, everything is ok but this.
    Best Regards

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