Herbalife Distributor Blogs, Now Available!

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Ready to generate more leads for your Herbalife business? With the addition of the new HNN Blog, you now have a powerful traffic-generating tool at your disposal. To get started, login to the Herbal Nutrition Network member’s area, and look for the new “Blog” tab.

Do some keyword research and then begin to write targeted, relevant posts to help tell your Herbalife story to the world. Look for ways to integrate your target keywords (don’t forget to mention your local city and state), and then if you have another website, make sure you link to your blog post from another website to improve your rankings.

Not sure what to write, here are some ideas/keywords to get you started:

  • What is Herbalife?
  • Where can I buy Herbalife?
  • Herbalife meal plans
  • The Herbalife Diet: A Review
  • Herbalife Products Explained
  • How to become a Herbalife distributor
  • My Herbalife Journey

As you can see, there is literally an endless number of things you can write about. What are you waiting for? Get BLOGGING!

Want to see a sample Herbalife blog post? Check this sample one out…




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