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HNN has been the trusted leader in retail, recruiting, and WLC websites since 1999. Did you know that you can save hundreds of dollars a year by using HNN as the source for your retail, recruiting and WLC website? HNN is open to any and all Herbalife Independent Distributors in 14 countries and growing!

Three websites, one low price, just $9.95 per month. That’s the HNN difference!

No Merchant Account Needed!

Did you know that you don’t need a merchant account with HNN? You can save HUNDREDS of dollars by using Propay or PayPal instead of an expensive merchant account! Upgrade to a merchant account when YOU are ready… when it makes sense for your monthly volume.

Until then, use HNN and your Propay account and take the money you’ve saved to invest in advertising and growing your business!

4 thoughts on “Save Money with HNN

  1. Hello mam,
    Your blog is pretty empowering us,surely your blog rocks for all herbalife followers. Could you please throw some insight on triggering poitn for weight loss??
    I would like to share my diet as follows, but I am not doing much physical activity. I hardly lost not even single pound though I havebeen taking this up for the past 2 weeks or so.
    Morning: 2 glasses of water on empty stomoch
    7:00 AM – 10 ml coffee(1/4 cup)
    9:00 AM- 1 glass of tea mix(250ml) followed by
    Drink Formula 1 Shake Mix with Formula 3 as Breakfast
    1:00 PM – low carb diet with no or 1/2 tsp Oil in it.
    9:00 PM – Drink Formula 1 Shake Mix with Formula 3 as dinner

    The wellness coach suggests not to each any calories in between for effective result, but I hardly get any result for hte past 15 days. Though my dresses are a bit loose but there is not much difference. Can you please throw some insight how to reach weight loss goal atleast 1 pound a week. Moreover, my hubby is reducing 2 pounds a week with sometimes cheat meals. I am strictly following it but not able to reduce.

  2. Hi , i am a Herbalife Distributor, i would like to know more about this kind of source to work through internet, also to my knowlage the source of saving money through the 3 mentioned way of payments, i have no information or aware of it, i will kindly appriciate any response, thank u!!!

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