Herbalife24 FIT DVDs Are Back in Stock!

This 24-week, multi-DVD workout program led by top fitness experts is based on the same integrity and science you’ve come to expect from Herbalife. Developed by Herbalife with the renowned physical therapist and performance specialist Robert Forster, this program is designed for people of any age or condition.

Herbalife24FIT DVDsWhy Herbalife24FIT is better than other home workout programs:

  • Increases in intensity gradually, so you don’t work harder, you work out smarter.
  • Addresses common vulnerabilities of the human body, regardless of age or previous activity level.
  • Trains your body to burn fat instead of carbs.
  • Offers more gain with less pain.

5 thoughts on “Herbalife24 FIT DVDs Are Back in Stock!

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Not only do I want to purchase Herbalife24 FIT DVDs but also become part of the Herbalife family. How can I go about it?

    Yours faithfully,

    Julius Mapipi

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