Herbalife WLC Video Now Available for LoseBig

How are things going with your Herbalife distributorship? The programmers here at HNN have been busy ‘behind the scenes’ updating all of our sites and working to improve site speed, security, and stability. I just finished recording a video for Herbalife Distributors that will show you how you can mange and run your next Herbalife WLC online. Check out the LoseBig Promo Video today… please leave me your comments, and if you like it, give me a ‘thumbs up’!!

4 thoughts on “Herbalife WLC Video Now Available for LoseBig

  1. Mark,
    Great job on your video and I definitely needed it! I have had your websites for awhile but have been using sporadically, so am getting caught up. my stats say I have over 300 hits but nothing in biz so I believe I need to using the sites on my biz cards. I have bounced from HLF sites to HNN sites and find your site is less complicated for people to use. BTW, I have had 2 or 3 orders on HLF site so seems that I have not built online but still doing most biz local and they come here. I see you have oodles of info on sidebar so will go thru it and I’m sure that will be lots of help.
    :o) Kay

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