Why Herbalife? Why Now?

Herbalife Products

Founded by Mark Hughes in 1980, Herbalife is a world leader in providing high-quality products that bring together the very best of science and nature. Why settle for inferior products when you can have the very best products from your own local Herbalife Independent Distributor. These products are available worldwide from a local distributor near you. Find your local distributor now.

Weight Management Products

Let's face it. It's extremely difficult to lose weight and keep it off. Your local distributor can provide you with the resources and coaching you need to reach your personal weight loss goals. Our leading-edge Weight Management solutions work with your body type and lifestyle to help you finally obtain permanent weight loss. Our delicious meal replacement shakes will keep you satisfied, and provide your body with the nutrition it craves.

Energy and Fitness

Are you an athlete, a weekend warrior, or just someone who needs a little more energy in your life? Our Energy and Fitness products can help you feel great and can give you a mental and physical boost naturally. Herbalife Energy & Fitness products, including Herbalife24 - are more than just a natural energy booster, they also provide your body with the nutrients that it needs so you can recover more quickly and perform at your best.

Targeted Nutrition

Are you looking for ways to protect your health from the stress of modern life? No matter your age or your current physical condition, good nutrition is critical for your health and well-being. If you want to improve the way you look, protect your heart, or age gracefully, Herbalife offers a complete line of products for you. Are you getting older, or are you looking for solutions that are tailored for men, women, or children? Targeted Nutrition has something to offer people of every walk of life.

Personal Care Products

Herbalife's Personal Care products can help your hair and skin look its very best. Good nutrition is also essential for your outside, so let us show you how these products can help you maintain a healthy, youthful appearance. Protect your skin from the elements while you soothe and moisturize. See what our Personal Care products can do for you!

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