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Perfect for all hair types

Moisture is essential to keeping skin and hair looking healthy, supple and smooth. Moisture is what HERBALIFE® AQUA Conditioner brings in abundance to your hair from root to tip. Combining natural botanicals, HERBALIFE® AQUA gives your crowning glory a vitalizing glow from the inside out.

Conditioning your hair without weighing it down, while counteracting the environmental stressors hair is exposed to each day. Safe and gentle for the whole family. Use with HERBALIFE® AQUA Shampoo for best results.

Key Benefits

  • Keeps hair and scalp soft and moisturised
  • Protects cuticles and smooth-coats hair for natural shine and silky feel
  • Paraben free formula is perfect for daily use Fruity
After shampooing with HERBALIFE® AQUA Shampoo, massage conditioner into hair. Leave on for 1-2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Fast Facts
Benefits of Seaweed Extract Moisturising essence drawn from three kinds of mineral-rich seaweed Protects cuticles and smooth-coats hair for natural shine and silky feel Supports moisture balance of scalp for healthy hair growth Benefits of Camelia Leaf Extract Deeply moisturising essence for hair and scalp Protects cuticles and coats hair for smooth feel Maintains healthy scalp and protects from developing dandruff

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