Alternative Food Ideas For Picnic

When you making your list of healthy food ideas for picnic what kinds of things should you take into consideration?

If you are one of these people that loves spending time outside when the weather is nice with friends and family, then a picnic is the perfect alternative to the BBQ. Picnics are a great excuse for spending time with the ones that you love whilst enjoying a large variety of snacks.

You need to ensure that you have enough variety for everybody attending, which is why you must seriously consider food ideas for picnic as part of your preparation.

So the big question is when you making your list of healthy  food ideas for picnic what kinds of things should I take into consideration.

In my opinion you need to think whether there are people attending with health issues that may require certain foods or will there be any vegetarians / vegans present. If you have children attending I suggest to try and keep them healthy with limited treats in case they get bored or need bribing!

Food Ideas For Picnic

  • Everybody enjoys a good old fashioned sandwich at a picnic. So why not include a super slim sandwich as one of your healthy options in your food ideas for picnic. Your sandwich should always retain its crunchiness on the exterior with a sumptuous filling inside such as organic bacon style or vegetarian rashers, egg, avocado and tomatoes.

    This offer around 312 calories and 14g protein. You can obviously modify this to your requirements but I'm sure you can see how simple it is just from this example to make a healthier sandwich.

  • In my experience everybody enjoys the little picky, finger foods that you can use with dips. So why not opt for the low fat, reduced salt, healthy eating options when purchasing your dips and replace the full fat crisps that you would normally take for sliced cucumber, carrots and peppers.

    If you have the time available after you have finished making your list of food ideas for picnic maybe you can cut these into funny and amusing shapes - if nothing else it will hopefully draw your childrens attention and take their mind of any unhealthier options that are missing from the picnic.

  • Staying on the health line whilst trying to generate food ideas for picnic why don't we concentrate on alternative drinks. You may or may not have heard of Herbalife a worldwide company that specialized in weight management, nutrition and personal care products.

    Well they offer a fitness drink which increases energy and stamina and re-hydrates you. It is perfect for those hot summer days when you are running around trying to entertain the children. The Herbalife H30 fitness drink uses energizing carbohydrates and concentrates solely on replacing lost body fluids and electrolytes such as calcium, sodium, potassium.

    Also included are a mixture of vitamins C and E to help support your bodies healthy immune system. This fitness drink can be used as a perfect healthier replacement for the normal sweet drinks that you would pack into your picnic basket. It is definitely one that I would include on my list of food ideas for picnic.

Always ensure that you spend considerable time packing your food separately and trying to keep them as fresh as possible - come meal time!

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Posted by Tatiana on Thursday 15 November 2012
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