Nutrition For Kids

How can you get your kids to eat right?

How do you get the right nutrition for kids – in a form they actually like?

Most parents try and try to get their kids to eat fresh, healthy food. But they will reach for fast food and processed sugar without a second thought. Sometimes it might seem like the only time you see your kids eating is at breakfast.

Sadly, between school and busy schedules, many kids eat at least one, if not more meals away from home. Fast food with friends, junk food in the afternoons, and even vending machines at school! The world around us can ruin any healthy eating habit for children. As soon as they step out the door, they’re on their own. This is no way to ensure good nutrition for kids and teens.

How can you teach them what they need to know about good nutrition and healthy eating? You need to show your kid that eating healthy is fun and tastes good, too.

Herbalife Kids shake will help you start getting the right nutrition for your kid. They will like the taste once they have sampled the Herbalife vanilla shake. This shake has 17 essential vitamins and minerals, including B-vitamins as well as A,C, and E. It’s a great way to get good nutrition for kids, and they love the other flavors, too. They can choose the vanilla shake, chocolate shake, or even strawberry!

Once kids understand that healthy can taste great, they realize that there might be a good reason to learn about it. This gives any parent the perfect opportunity to explain about healthy eating habits, and gets the young ones interested in their own nutrition.

Is it too expensive? No! I was surprised to find that Herbalife shakes are very affordable. They’re one of the best values out there, in fact, and your kids will thank you for them in a few years.

Herbalife has more products for kids. So  their’s nutrition products  will be a great way to start those healthy diet for kids you want your children to carry on, into their future. To learn more go to

You still can’t change the influences your kids see when they step out the door but with Herbalife, you can teach them about nutrition for kids before their friends do!
Posted by Tatiana on Monday 3 March 2014
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Diet Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

It can be very disappointing to look in the mirror and see a bloated, unhappy-looking version of your previous self. Perhaps you want to feel better, move about with ease, and make it through the day without fatigue. If so, it may be time for you to take stock of your lifestyle and can help.
Diet Tips for a Healthy Body”
This website is collection of diet tips.
It is the result of many years of research and experimentation. I have put together all the essential information available online and in the leading diet books. The result is one source, brimming with FREE diet tips for a
healthy life.

"Your health, diet” is about diet yet at the same time it is not. When many people hear the word “diet,” they imagine carrot sticks and lettuce. Instead of thinking about diet, you should think about changing your lifestyle.
Yes, my diet tips are all about the healthy lifestyle that everybody should be looking for.

You Must Come to your Own Definition
What does “dieting” mean to you? For some people, the word has no meaning. They eat and eat, with no sense of restraint.

What Diet Means to Me.
Diet, for me, is a way of looking at food. It is about health goals. Food can be a way of healing yourself of illness and regaining your vitality. It can also be poison. I want my food to help me to be as youthful and vital as I possibly can. It is about trying and achieving.
My Diet Story
I was obese for much of my life, ever since I was a child. I had no energy, and this led to a toxic cycle where I was completely depressed. That was until I discovered what a help that Herbalife can be.
At first I tried few recommendations. Soon I started to receive compliments “Wow, you look amazing!” In such a way I realized with a sense of amazement and achievement that the Herbalife products was working.
So my decision was to follow all of the recommendations and use more products. 

How Things are Working Now
I have never before been as strong as I am now. I never quit when I go and work out at the gym. I never feel out of breath or exhausted when I go up the stairs. This is my success story!
As a result of my  success story,  (to read my success story and see me before and after click here} I started to study nutrition and life balance. I paid close attention to my diet and activity levels. The brilliant results I gained have inspired me to do even more research on the subject.
I began to pore through diet books and page through websites, looking for information to help my own understanding of nutrition, health, fitness, and health. I found a lot of information and many diet tips. Some of them were useful, although many were not.

I created website "Your health, diet” to provide a collection of diet tips that will work for you. I have done the hard work. All you need to do is follow my lead and learn the steps you must follow in order to improve your lifestyle.
So: please take a moment to learn a few of my Diet Tips for healthier, happier you. Click here.

Posted by Tatiana on Tuesday 10 September 2013
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Alternative Food Ideas For Picnic

When you making your list of healthy food ideas for picnic what kinds of things should you take into consideration?

If you are one of these people that loves spending time outside when the weather is nice with friends and family, then a picnic is the perfect alternative to the BBQ. Picnics are a great excuse for spending time with the ones that you love whilst enjoying a large variety of snacks.

You need to ensure that you have enough variety for everybody attending, which is why you must seriously consider food ideas for picnic as part of your preparation.

So the big question is when you making your list of healthy  food ideas for picnic what kinds of things should I take into consideration.

In my opinion you need to think whether there are people attending with health issues that may require certain foods or will there be any vegetarians / vegans present. If you have children attending I suggest to try and keep them healthy with limited treats in case they get bored or need bribing!

Food Ideas For Picnic

  • Everybody enjoys a good old fashioned sandwich at a picnic. So why not include a super slim sandwich as one of your healthy options in your food ideas for picnic. Your sandwich should always retain its crunchiness on the exterior with a sumptuous filling inside such as organic bacon style or vegetarian rashers, egg, avocado and tomatoes.

    This offer around 312 calories and 14g protein. You can obviously modify this to your requirements but I'm sure you can see how simple it is just from this example to make a healthier sandwich.

  • In my experience everybody enjoys the little picky, finger foods that you can use with dips. So why not opt for the low fat, reduced salt, healthy eating options when purchasing your dips and replace the full fat crisps that you would normally take for sliced cucumber, carrots and peppers.

    If you have the time available after you have finished making your list of food ideas for picnic maybe you can cut these into funny and amusing shapes - if nothing else it will hopefully draw your childrens attention and take their mind of any unhealthier options that are missing from the picnic.

  • Staying on the health line whilst trying to generate food ideas for picnic why don't we concentrate on alternative drinks. You may or may not have heard of Herbalife a worldwide company that specialized in weight management, nutrition and personal care products.

    Well they offer a fitness drink which increases energy and stamina and re-hydrates you. It is perfect for those hot summer days when you are running around trying to entertain the children. The Herbalife H30 fitness drink uses energizing carbohydrates and concentrates solely on replacing lost body fluids and electrolytes such as calcium, sodium, potassium.

    Also included are a mixture of vitamins C and E to help support your bodies healthy immune system. This fitness drink can be used as a perfect healthier replacement for the normal sweet drinks that you would pack into your picnic basket. It is definitely one that I would include on my list of food ideas for picnic.

Always ensure that you spend considerable time packing your food separately and trying to keep them as fresh as possible - come meal time!

More diet and nutrition tips, calculators, weight loss tools you can find on my website

Posted by Tatiana on Thursday 15 November 2012
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