Can't start my day without my Herbalife Breakfast

We started with Herbalife to lose weight, not knowing that we will be using the products indefinitely after that. The healthy breakfast is a huge selling point for Herbalife - I mean think about it, everyone needs a healthy breakfast right?

We've now been using the products for almost 6 years, and it's just so convenient, quick, easy and most important, DELICIOUS! 

Here are the products I use for breakfast every day at the moment:

  • 1 Fibre & Herb tablet
  • A glass full of water, with my Instant Herbal Beverage Tea (aka Thermo - original flavour), and two-three capfuls of Herbal Aloe Concentrate added to it (we use the Mango flavour, it really spruces up the taste of anything you add it to!!) - I usually have it cold, but now in the winter I sometimes have it warmer/hot.
  • My Shake, made like this: 150ml Lactose Free Milk, 150ml Water - 2 scoops Protein Drink Mix, 2 scoops Shake (I like to mix it up, today I had vanilla and strawberry combined), and 2 scoops of Formula 3 Personalized Protein Powder (I recommend this product for EVERYONE!) - this is around 30-35 grams of protein, great for keeping you fuller for longer!

My wife has the same, only an extra Fibre & Herb tablet, and sometimes she skips the Tea. (yes, women also need protein!)

Very rarely it happens that we do not have this for breakfast, and boy oh boy, do we feel it that day! As in clearly, I can feel a definite lack of something and the day just generally doesn't go that well in terms of energy levels. Everyone always says "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" - I've heard it, you've heard it. But I never realised how true this statement actually is. When we wake up, we're literally running on empty, both for food (energy) and water (hydration). You'd be amazed at how big of a difference something like a proper, nutritious breakfast can do for your day. If you are someone who tends to skip breakfast, or tend to have a sugary cereal or something like that, I promise you you won't know yourself if you just start your day right.

What have you had for breakfast today?

Posted by Rudi van der Walt on Wednesday 14 August 2019
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Herbalife is consistent, even when I'm not

TLDR - Started using Herbalife in September 2011. Lost 11kg in 12 weeks. Lost 5kg more the 3 months after that. Kept it off until my son was born. Sleep eludes us. In our stupor we eat everything. We gain weight again. Most of what we lost we gain back. Things get better with the sleep. We start using Herbalife PROPERLY again. Lost almost all that weight again. HERBALIFE ROCKS!!!

Now for the long version :D

Our story with Herbalife started in September 2011. At that time, Natalie and I were married for just over a year. Ahh the honeymoon phase - eating and drinking and being in love and happy and content. The unfortunate side effect of that is gaining weight. Lots of it. Just before September 2011, I clocked in at over 95kg. The heaviest I've ever been.

We want to start a family one day, and we know we do not have the best eating habbits. We want to make a change. At least, Natalie does - I'm not too phased (guess at this stage of my life I've given up hope of ever being at a decent weight). She learns about a weight loss challenge in our area, and wants to go check it out. I do not want to, but I love my wife immensely, and decide to go with to support her. I learn that the challenge involves Herbalife, and I immediately declare that I WILL NOT BE USING THOSE PRODUCTS! I still go with though, and listen to the people talk (they've become very good friends of ours, another nice perk of this business!)

I weigh my options - on side A, there's doing this challenge and going through all the trouble and effort to prepare 3 healthy meals every day. On side B, there's 2 meals a day done and dusted within a minute, thanks to how easy the Shake is. I'm lazy, and just that fact makes the cost of the products worth it for me (not knowing the awesome value yet!).

So we join the challenge, and order our first couple of products. They are promptly delivered the very next day to our door, free of charge. We kick off, and within a week our lives were changed forever! I end up losing 11kg, and WINNING, the weight loss challenge. Natalie loses 8kg, over 60cm and places 2nd! We will be using Herbalife for the rest of our lives! We carry on, and lose more and feel better and better. We keep off the weight! We're now happy and content and in love, but we feel amazing too, which helps a great deal! We're ready to start our family :D :D :D

In 2014, Natalie falls pregnant YAY!! I'm gonna be a dad!! Whooohoooooooooooo!!! She feels quite bad the first trimester - thankfully, Herbalife is one of the few things she can stomach! She uses the products throughout her pregnancy. It's smooth sailing, and in October 2014 our son is born. The first 3 months is just a blur, as I'm sure anyone who is a parent knows all too well. Months 3 - 6 is fine, but then it starts. My boy, he doesn't like sleeping - not unhappy or anything, just wide awake at 2 in the morning, singing and goo-goo-ga-ga-ing away for a good hour or two. We battle for the next two years with these shenanigans. Lack of sleep is in my opinion the evilest form of torture! Go ahead, try it - I DOUBLE DARE YA!! :P

We eat everything in sight. As in everything (still have a shake every day, I shudder to think where we would have ended up without the products). We gain weight. I don't gain it all back, but well over 10kg. Natalie gains all of it back and a few kg extra. We commit every week to be better, then we're hit with another insomnia filled night, and it all crashes again.

Finally, it starts getting a little bit better - instead of 7 times awake in the night, it comes down to 2 or 3 times, and luckily the "I'm now awake at 2am until 4am" thing doesn't happen anymore.

We give it another go. This time it goes better, and we start winning again. November 2016, we commit to get healthy and active, and it's been great since. Natalie's lost over 10kg already (in about 6 months), I've lost 8kg, and I'm only a kg or two away from the lowest I've been. Thank goodness for these awesome Herbalife products. They work. I've now proven that they work. TWICE. Natalie as well. TWICE!

It really puts me at ease knowing that, even though I'm not always consistent with my eating habits, the products ARE, and if you use them correctly, you WILL get results!

I'll end off this post with a Jim Rohn quote:
"Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live."

Posted by Rudi van der Walt on Tuesday 30 May 2017
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