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Hi there! I'm Rudi van der Walt from the small town of Riebeek West, in the Western Cape (about an hour from Cape Town).

In September 2011, my wife and I joined a weight loss challenge, and got started on the Herbalife nutritional products. I was the biggest sceptic in the world at that stage, but I decided to give it a go anyway (you know, to be a supportive husband hehe). In my first week I lost 2.4kg (not typical, but it shows you what can be possible if you just make that change!), and ended up losing 11kg in the 12 week challenge. My wife lost 8kg and over 60cm! We carried on, and I ended up losing 16kg in about 6 months, and my wife 15kg. 

We were, and still are, blown away by how great Herbalife works for us. 

In 2014 my wife became pregnant, and our son was born in October 2014. As many of you probably know, having a baby can be quite challenging, and with that we ended up gaining most of the weight we lost back (lack of sleep can be quite the challenge hehe!). But, we recommited in November 2016, and I'm extremely happy and excited to report that we've lost most of that weight again! It's really amazing how that, even when we're not consistent with what we eat, the Herbalife products are always there and they always work. Even my son has been using the products since he turned 1 year old, he absolutely loves his "Berry Shake"! (the awesome new Raspberry & Blueberry flavour)

Getting results like that changes you, and we're dedicated to helping others with their nutritional challenges - be it getting more energy, healthy weight loss, healthy weight gain or even sports supplements and skin care. We have helped people all over South Africa and beyond get great results on the products, and it will be our pleasure to help you as well.

My happy family