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Bone Health is something that everyone should be aware of.  You might ask why?
The answer is simple, if we do not look after our bones we can suffer from Rickets in children to Osteoporosis in Adults plus many other related health problems.

So what should we be doing to boost our bone health ? 

Answer :  Making sure we are eating the foods that supply us with calcium and  taking a Calcium ensure we have sufficient together with Vitamin D

So what foods are high in Calcium?

1. Cheese
2. Yogurt
3. Milk
4. Sardines
5. Dark leafy greens like spinach, kale, turnips, and collard greens
6. Fortified cereals such as Total, Raisin Bran, Corn Flakes (They have a lot of calcium in one serving.)
7. Fortified orange juice
8. Soybeans
9. Fortified soymilk (Not all soymilk is a good source of calcium, so it's best to check the label.)
10. Enriched breads, grains, and waffles
However just remember that unless we also receive a sufficient amount of Vitamin D, all the calcium rich foods will do nothing to get that calcium into the bones. Vitamin D is the transporter .  So how do we get vitamin D
Answer - very simple sunlight is the best way to absorb Vitamin D. However in this day and age of Skin Cancer, what do we do? We plaster ourselves with sun screen which blocks out the Sun's rays and we do not get the right amount of vitamin D that we need.
Answer to this problem is to take a supplement - a vitamin D tablet.  Yes how do we know how much to take?  We can take too much or we can take too little.
Some to of the results of insufficient Vitamin D is signs of depression, and bone break easily, and these are especially important in children, menopausal women, and the elderly.
Calcium can also assist in weight loss by reshaping your body, together with a healthy balanced diet.
Osteoporosis is prevalent in Women mainly going thru the menopause and after as they lose Oestrogen which prior to the menopause osteoporosis was providing them with calcium to the bone, after menopause, the body generally still needs calcium so it starts taking it from the bones.  Men can sometime get it as well but it is not so common in men.


The elderly who are prone to falls need bone health including Vitamin D to prevent bone fractures.  People who have to have bone grafts to fix breakages need bone health with Vitamin D to help the graft to heal.
Add exercise to your health programme, for bones we need to do
samples of high-impact weight-bearing exercises are: We promote 20% exercise and 80% nutrition with 100% positive mindset
here are some exercises specifically that promote healthy stronger bones.
  • Dancing
  • Doing high-impact aerobics
  • Hiking
  • Jogging/running
  • Jumping Rope
  • Stair climbing
  • Tennis
w-impact weight-bearing exercises can also help keep bones strong and are a safe alternative if you cannot do high-impact exercises. Examples of low-impact weight-bearing exercises are:
  • Using elliptical training machines
  • Doing low-impact aerobics
  • Using stair-step machines
  • Fast walking on a treadmill or outside
    These are a few suggestions to keep your bones healthy and strong
together with a good supplement such as  a product call XtraCal produced by Herbalife.  It has the correct amount of natural calcium and Vitamin D to help support our bone health.
I personally have used the product for many years and when I broke my ankle from a fall at the age of 75years, My doctor was amazed that it had healed without surgery, in 4 weeks. I was taking Herbalife XtraCal for 6 years and am still taking it, and after many falls have not broken a bone.
I personally would recommend this product to everyone.  Keep your family bone healthy and you will live a happier life knowing you have good bone protection. Help to avoid the problems with calcium and Vitamin D deficiency with  a natural remedy. For those who suffer from the winter blue, XtraCal is the tablet for you.  Feel the difference.
For your bone health protection contact me.
Posted by Doria Johnson on Tuesday 30 June 2015
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