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I joined Herbalife when I was 69 years old, not for my health but for a business opportunity. My health was not good and was in hospital up to 3 times a week on oxygen, I had been told that with the health problems I had, I needed Steroids to keep me alive and well. I refused the steroids and took my chances.  When I joined herbalife I was very overweight and was told by my sponsor I was expected to use the products to get a great result.  I was very sceptical.  I did as I was told though.  1 Week later I had lost 6 kgs and 1 dress size.  Unbelievable, I was excited.  Over the next 90 days I lost a total of 15kgs and was a size 10.  Wow! this was amazing from a size 16 to a size 10 in 3 months.  I have kep that off now for 13 years. However the most amazing thing is I never go to hospital now.  My health is amazing I am 82 years old and have so much energy and am very much alive.

I love herbalife and more importantly helping other to feel and get the same result as me.

These days we have so many tools to help us to help others and Herbalife is now not just a weight loss programme but recognised as the top nutrition programme in the world. We support some of the top Athletes to achieve their goals with our 24Fit products. All approved by the Olympic Associaton.

We are here to help get the community fit and healthy and promote 20% exercise 80% nutrition with a 100% positive mindset.  it's all about the community.  Fit Clubs and nutrition clubs with one on one support from our Wellness Coaches.

Join me and become a Health coach, or if that is not for you, try our 3 day trial pack and see and amazing result, With a free Wellness Profile.  You will love the products and get amazing results. We run Weight loss challenges face to face and online. Enquire today

I look forwrd to working with you.

Doria's Fitness and Wellness Centre.