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Herbal Life International Company Information

Founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes, Herbal Life, (Herbalife International, or simply Herbalife), is one of the premier health and wellness companies today. Herbal Life is dedicated to simplifying your path to a healthy lifestyle.

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Herbal Life's high-quality Herbal products and programs offer:
  • effective weight loss programs
  • improved cellular nutrition
  • a tremendous "work from home" business opportunity

Herbal Life is scientifically designed for you

Herbal Life offers innovative, all-natural products that have been developed by nutrition experts, doctors, and even a Nobel Prize Winning scientist with your personal wellness goals in mind. Learn more about Herbal Life Products, or find a distributor near you for more information, or a free weight-loss consultation.

Manufactured using quality ingredients under strictly controlled procedures, Herbal Life products have been developed by Herbal Life scientists in accordance with local government regulations. Herbal Life products come with a complete 30-day money back guarantee.

Herbal Life provides support you can count on

With a team of more than a million Independent Herbal Life Distributors selling Herbal Life products in over 50 countries worldwide (and annual retail sales of over $1 billion), you can be sure we'll always be here for you. Your Independent Herbal Life Distributor can help you:

With Herbal Life, quality products and expert support through a network of Independent Herbal Life Distributors make it easy to look, feel and live your best. Discover Herbal Life - and discover a lifetime of well-being.