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Herbal Nutrition provides product, recruting, and WLC websites to distributors around the world. We're the largest independent provider of personal Herbalife websites on the Internet, providing websites to any Independent Herbal Life Distributor, regardless of downline.

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Herbal Nutrition is the world's leading independent provider of product, recruiting and WLC websites for Herbalife Independent Distributors. We've been serving the Herbalife community since 1999, and are active in over 30 countries and 10 different languages.

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MyHerbalife is the distributor login page for active Herbalife Independent Distributors. This is where you will go to login and place your orders once you receive them from your HNN Retail Website. All HNN order information will be sent directly to you via email, and stored in the HNN Messages section of the HNN Member's Area.

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If you are an Herbalife Distributor and forgot your Distributor ID and/or PIN number for the MyHerbalife website, please call Distributor Relations at 866-866-4744.