Welcome to Herbalife

Like many people I have been struggling with weight problems for a long time.  I have tried every diet imagineable; from eating nothing but bananas, to hypnotherapy, slimming world, and slim fast, to name just a few. Each programme worked to a point, but I felt hungry on most of them, I had no energy, digestive problems and headaches.  I forced myself to go to the gym, reluctantly working out, which only burnt the little energy I had left!  I eventually admitted defeat and found myself right back where I was, eating the wrong foods and gaining more weight than before I started.  I'd had surgery on both knees in the past couple of years, and because of the extra weight I was carrying my knees were taking a long time to recover.

 I joined a different gym.  The trainer, who designed my workout programme, introduced me to Herbalife.  I purchased the 30 day start up plan.  I found it easy to follow!  The shakes are delicious!  The fibre and herb and multivitamins easy to swallow!  The instant Herbalife Beverage gave me so much energy!  I never felt hungry, which made it easy to stick with!  5 weeks later I had lost 18lb!  And not just the weight, I lost inches from the places I needed to.  I continued on the programme, I was happy with the results and full of energy!  I also discovered that once I started shedding the pounds, my knees were not as painful.

I was so excited about how fit and well I was feeling, and how much energy I had.  I couldn't help but tell others about what I had discovered in Herbalife; so I became a distributor for the company.  If your goal is to lose weight, maintain weight, or put on weight, tone up, or increase muscle mass, I can and will help you acheive your goals.  Finally, a healthy weight management aid that actually works!      HERBALIFE!


I would be privileged to introduce you to a nutritional, healthier more active lifestyle.