Testimonials & Endorsements

The Herbal Nutrition™ Network is the preferred website choice for Independent Herbalife Distributors.  Just ask our customers...

We love the herbal-nutrition website and what it has done for our Herbalife business! A local customer found us through a Google search, using the zipcode locator tool. He became a distributor and gave us a 4000 volume point supervisor order. The cost: $12 a month. The benefit: PRICELESS.

---Victor M.

I discovered your site through a search engine. After verifying that this site was approved by Herbalife ethics department I decided to join. Very accommodating, nicely done site and certainly affordable for everyone. Thank you for championing our efforts with your expertise!

---Jara S.

I have gotten several orders without doing anything - just because I was listed here, including a new customer who purchased an Ultimate package last week. It turned out that she lives right around the corner from me - two blocks away!!!

---Pat K.

You are extremely great at taking care of your customers and I wanted to be sure and tell you. You always respond quickly and your emails always have that personal touch like you are talking directly to the person as a person. It's really nice. Thank you again.

---Judy S.

I just want to tell you again how much I appreciate the great customer service you provide. Herbal-Nutrition.net is one of the best organizations I've dealt with. I was so impressed, I managed to talk my brother into switching to your service. He was so impressed with the ease and speed of set up and the response time for customer service.

Thanks again!

---Liz D.

Before I knew about your website, I had one built which is costing me a fortune every month. I also was not able to show all the products because that would have cost me a few hundred dollars more. It's a pleasure to see how well I can conduct business with a premium site such as yours. We need this! Thank you!

---Emmanuel S.

I also have benefited from the referral power [my website] has had. I checked recently and the Herbal-Nutrition Network lists in the top 10 when I do a search for "herbalife distributors" [on a major search engine]. I have not been able to achieve this on my own, so I definitely need you!

---Christine S.

UNBELIEVABLY FANTASTIC!! We had no idea that you guys existed until we were in a call last night with our upline. Now they tell us!! We're in, and we're definitely going PREMIUM!  Thanks! We're so happy to see this, we're almost crying!

---Eugene Y.

I just want to say that I'm brand new to the Herbal-Nutrition.net and I'm very impressed... I wish all the companies I work with were as service oriented.

---Margaret W.

Thanks for setting up my site. It was fast and easy. I was considering starting a site from scratch, so this was great.

---Carlain L.

I just wanted to tell you I just got another order from the website. She emailed me and left her number on my voice mail to call her back. She ordered an Advanced Weight Loss Program.  Thank you!

---Val D.

The site looks OUTSTANDING!!!!  Really nice work!

---Alvin H.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time and effort in providing such a GREAT tool for Herbalife distributors! This will help PHENOMENALLY in building my business online! Setting up "shop" using this site is very inexpensive (considering what else is out there on the internet) and takes very little time to set up.

---Valerie J.

It's great! I did some test orders, and I like the new way to decrypt orders.

---David F.

I want to thank you for simplifying the website process. I've [looked at other websites] and the fees were just to much to try and do this myself. If anyone says that $15 a month is too much then have them look around. You can be paying well over $400.00 a year just to get what you are offering. I mean it. I REALLY AM VERY THRILLED with the website from your service. Keep up the good work.

---Joseph P.

Thank you for the website. I already received an order and I haven't even begun to promote it yet!

---Todd O.

Thank you so much for patiently and quickly [answering] my questions about HNN. I have signed up successfully for an account. I like the way you communicate and do business. You are clear, accurate, and understanding.

---Theodore W.

I want to thank you for my website. It was very easy setting up and the price is right...I would like give my thoughts to anybody interested in signing up for this website. I would like to add, a month ago I looked into this and I had a question. Not only responding quickly, you helped like you really cared (you were personally going to help or fill out part of a form I was stuck on). I guess what I'm trying to say is, EXCELLENT SUPPORT! THANKS!

---George L.

[My website] was so simple to set up that it's been the easiest thing I have ever done with Herbalife!

---Rhonda L.

I got my first customer through this site! I'm so EXCITED! On her message, she said she was looking for someone close by her. I called and she said she wanted an Advanced kit without the tea and that she had found me "through the internet on that map." I was so excited I gave her the Yellows for free with her QuickStart!

---Michele B.

First, let me say THANK YOU to you for all the hard work you've been putting into the website. You can truly tell that your #1 priority is to help us small biz owners.

---Mary Beth B.

After only one week of having this website, I had a customer called me to order two ULTIMATE Programs, this was very exciting because this is the biggest order at one time that I have ever had. I have only been with Herbalife for a few weeks. My new customer told me he was looking for a distributor in his area and he found me through this website. I recommend this site to all Herbalife Distributors! Thanks!!!!!

---Cynthia H.

All of the above testimonials are from actual distributor emails, and are used with permission. Of course, individual results will vary. If you're a member of The Herbal Nutrition Network and have a success story you'd like to share, please contact us.