The one better known as Jimmy!

by Noor Izhan Arif Noor Hakim (Jimmy)

I am a Registered Nurse by profession working in a major hospital here in Singapore and as I was leaving after a long day of work, I noticed a fit-looking young lady in trainers walking towards the same exit I was.  Halfway down the path she approached me from behind and struck a pleasant conversation with me sharing how she went from fat to fit and as amazed as I was for her all I wanted was to just continue on my way home munching on the pastries in my hands without giving her presentation a second look.

Aside from her new found figure (which I found a turn on), she was genuine and sincere at wanting to help me so when she motioned for my contact number I gave it to her, though without hesitation there was some reservation as I am sure we all are when we are first introduced to something that seems too good to be true.  She also left me a flyer and told me I could look for her to have a Free Wellness Evaluation.

Fast forward... (In the interim, I received frequent updates on the recent happenings at her Nutrition Club and invitations to join her in sharing sessions and Weight Loss Challenges.)

I having been upset about ballooning up again since completing National Service decided to find out about Herbalife and behold I discovered a fit community whose mission is to change people's lives by adopting a healthy, active lifestyle.

I was very insecure about my weight since young and was not looking forward to stepping on that scale as I was uncomfortable letting others know my actual weight.  So, I started looking if I could purchase the weight loss products online without having to attend an initial wellness evaluation and just when I thought I found it the distributor contacted me to come down for a wellness evaluation before picking up the products.

It seemed like a nightmare but after some deliberation I told myself that I really wanted to change my life.  I made an appointment and attended the wellness evaulation where I met my Wellness Coach from Dream Magic Nutrition.

My coach was encouraging and friendly; it made me less uncomfortable.  From that one meeting alone I was never so enriched about proper nutrition and how Herbalife Nutrition can work for me too like how it has for many people before me.

To this day I vividly remember the events that changed my life with a single flyer!  I had almost given up hope of ever being able to lose weight (and fats) and I owe my new found confidence to that lady who cared enough to stop me that fateful day.

I guess the biggest take home message for me was having someone who cared to help and I would soon discover Herbalife was all heart.

Posted by Noor Izhan Arif Noor Hakim (Jimmy) on Thursday 29 May 2014

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