How to stay healthy when road tripping

by Helen Nowlan

Due to my son not travelling by air so well my family has had to return to Perth from Melbourne by Car.  How do you stay healthy along the very long stretch of road when all you really have to choose from is roadhouse food.

Get organised! Well I have done my research and here is some examples from Dietitian Sue Mah who has healthy snack ideas for road trips that the whole family will love (Best Health Website)

1. Pack some protein

It will help you feel full and alert.

• peanut butter and jam sandwiches
• pita pockets stuffed with turkey, cheese, tomatoes and lettuce
• smoked salmon pinwheels made with whole-wheat wraps
• whole-grain crackers with cheddar
• low-fat muffins with single-serving containers of yogurt


 2. Load up on fruit and veggies

They’re full of disease-fighting antioxidants. Plus, their high water content will help you stay hydrated.

• fresh veggies such as baby carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers and grape tomatoes
• fresh seasonal fruit such as apricots, peaches, plums, nectarines, grapes and berries

But dont forget to get rid of any that are not cooked at the Quarantine checkpoints when changing states!!!!!


3. Make it personal

Ask your kids to help make their own snacks and lunches. They’ll be more likely to eat it, which will make it even easier for you to zip right past those fast-food stops.

• trail mix made with any combo of: popcorn, shredded coconut, low-fat granola, whole-grain cereal, sunflower seeds, nuts and dried fruit
• milk or chocolate milk in a stainless steel water bottle


4. Keep it safe, clean and litter-less

• ice packs to keep food cold
• hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes
• reusable containers and cutlery


5. Compromise

If you’re destined for the fast-food stop, eat wisely. 

• a small burger instead of the jumbo combo
• a salad instead of fries (go easy on the dressing)
milk or water instead of pop
• your own piece of fruit for dessert

There you have it peeps!  A few ideas to get you through the long roads ahead :) 

I would love to hear other peoples snack ideas as I am sure there is lots of interesting ideas to keep yourself, husband and the children happy!  Feel free to add!!!!

Bye for now

Helen Nowlan xxx


Posted by on Friday 23 May 2014

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