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For the past four years i have been eating junk, junk and more junk food from Burgers and chips, pizza, chinese, crisps, chocolates, sweets, you name it i was eating takeaway almost everyday. i would skip breakfast and eat takeway for lunch and dinner and still snack on so much junk throughout the day. Ok so i didnt put on weight within those four years but i was always tired, i lost concentration so easily, my belly always felt bloated, i heard funny gassy sounds in my belly thorughout the day and even though my skin looked fresh it sure didn't feel it.

Once i was pregnant i decided i needed to eat healthy but there were days when i had no time to cook healhty food due to having appointments or college or being so sleepy so it was really, really hard to change my eating habbits. Once i had my daughter in October 2013 I decided enough was enough i really needed to change my eating habbits for us all, but yet again time was so limited because my baby had really bad colic (due to a milk allergy which was undiagnosed untill she was a few months old) so i was stuck having to eat fast food nearly every day as her dad worked full time, some days i wouldn't have breakfast or lunch as her colic was so bad i could not put her down without her being in pain and screaming.

She is now seven months old and since i have cut dairy out of mine and her diet she is so much better and loves to play and be put down, i now cook healthy meals every day both for me, my daughter and her dad (given the odd treat). I really wanted to start earning money and securing a future for me and my family but i refuse to follow someone else's dreams and be a slave to them when i have my own dreams i am determined to follow. My dreams include being there and being a mum to my princess, being my own boss, running my own business, earning big money and securing a future forme and my family. I started searching the net for work from home jobs and i came accross Herbalife. Two weeks ago not only did i become a Herbalife Independant Distributor but i also started on my Herbalife F1 free from vanilla shake to maintain my weight and tone up. I start of with 30 sit ups I then have one shake with two slices of wholemeal toast with mashed banana on followed by being a mum and housework (beleive it or not but this all counts as excercise) every morning. My muscles have toned up and my belly is much flatter and I feel great both inside and out. I also have so much more energy then i did two weeks ago.

Posted by on Sunday 1 June 2014

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