Supplement use in Sports

I was watching the news last night, when this story came up. It appears that these guys, both professional sportsmen, took supplements ( as do the majority of serious sports men & women), and that they were contaminated with an anabolic steroid!

As a result, Gareth Warburton and Rhys Williams were banned from partaking in competition sports. Both were not allowed to compete in the Commonwealth Games.

Both cases involved the same contaminated supplement, an energy drink which was found to contain anabolic steroid metabolites.

However, both athletes have been cleared of knowingly cheating by UK Anti-Doping and the National Anti-Doping Panel.

Herbalife 24 shakes and supplements are batch tested and are NSF Certified for Sport..........

Are you sure that you know what you are taking onboard?

Posted by John Connelly on Tuesday 20 January 2015
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