Formula 1
Formula 1
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Formula 1 raspberry & blueberry A delicious nutritious meals and practice that brings a perfect balance of high quality protein, fiber, nutrients
keys and plant extracts. Formula 1 is also an excellent source of vitamins: each portion prepared according to the directions contained
least one third of the nutrient reference values ​​in 24 vitamins and minerals.

It is important to maintain a balanced diet as part of a weight control. A balanced meal in nutrients like Shake
Formula 1 raspberry & blueberry helps you control your calorie intake while providing key vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates and

main benefits
• The No. 1 global brand of meal replacements. * Thousands of people worldwide have achieved their weight management goals through
Shakes the Formula 1 Herbalife. Why not you ?
• Backed by Science: clinical studies indicate that daily consumption of meal replacement shakes as part of a
hypocaloric diet plays an effective role in controlling weight, if combined with moderate exercise.
• controlled calorie intake with 225 kcal per serving *.
• 18 g of protein per serving that help maintain and increase muscle mass.
• About 4 g of fiber that help to increase your daily fiber intake.
• 24 key vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, vitamin B6 and riboflavin which helps reduce fatigue, vitamin D that contributes to
normal functioning of the immune system and calcium is necessary to maintain a frame and a normal dentition.
• Formula 1 is suitable for vegetarians. No artificial sweeteners or dyes.
• Shakes Herbalife Formula 1, ready to eat, are rich in soy proteins and milk (18 grams per serving). Associated with an activity
regular physical, they represent a solution of choice if you want to build muscle.
• Very easy to prepare, the Formula 1 Shake is a convenient alternative to calorie-controlled, the petitdéjeuner, lunch or dinner.
• Soy protein: a complete protein that provides all essential amino acids.

* Source Euromonitor International Limited; from Consumer Health 2016ed, substitute category definition of slimming meals% percentage from retail price per global brand. 2015 data.

Enjoy a Formula 1 shake Herbalife every day as nutritious meal for a more balanced alternative.
Mix two tablespoons of Herbalife Formula 1 (26 grams) with 250 ml of milk demiécrémé.
• For weight control: Replacing two meals of the daily diet of a low calorie diet with substitutes
meal helps weight loss. Replace two meals a day with a delicious drink Formula 1 and make a balanced meal.
• To support a balanced diet and weight maintenance: Replacement of meals of the daily diet of a regime
by calorie meal replacement helps maintain weight after weight loss. Replace one meal a day with a delicious
Formula 1 drink and take two balanced meals.
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