Pack Thémix
Pack Thémix
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General overview
Make the recipe Thémix drink with ease with the Pack Thémix

• Mix 1 box to protein shake
• Drink 1 box Multifibre
• 1 box of Instant tea drink made from plant extracts and original flavor 100g

Key Benefits
Recipe Thémix drink mix:
900 ml of water for proper hydration
1 tablespoon (15cc) mixture for protein shake for
vitamins, minerals and proteins
1 tablespoon (15cc) multi-fiber drink for fiber intake
1 tablespoon (3 cc) of tea based beverage for the pep and vitality

• Ideal for use this summer to stay well hydrated, but also to eat throughout the year.
• To start the day after a breakfast Vitality Formula 1.
• Drink a second bottle in the afternoon
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