Kids Shakes
Kids Shakes
Provide essential nutrition to meet growing kids’ daily needs
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Herbalife Kids™ Shakes provide essential nutrition including protein, fiber and 100% of key nutrients to meet growing kids’ daily needs. Because they taste great, kids will ask for one every day—that’s the start of healthy eating habits they’ll rely on as they grow older.

  • Great-tasting shakes with 17 essential vitamins & minerals kids need every day, plus protein and fiber.
  • Excellent source of calcium, B-complex vitamins and antioxidant Vitamins A, C & E.
  • 15g of protein (6g from powder + 9g from milk/soy milk).
  • Good source of fiber.
Key Benefits
  • 100% of key nutrients plus protein and fiber.
  • No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners!
  • Herbs and botanicals, including soothing chamomile, ginger (which aids digestion), plus rosehips and acerola–two powerful antioxidants.
  • Quick to make and easy to take on the go.
  • Kids love the TASTE!

Enjoy as a snack or as part of a healthy meal.

Fast Facts

Only 35% of boys and 14% of girls get 100% of the RDA of calcium in their diets daily.

Intake of low nutrient dense foods such as soft drinks, candy, desserts, salty snacks and discretionary fats accounted for more than 30% of daily calories among children aged 8-18.
–NHANE studies from NCHS and CDC


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