Herbal Supplements Are Prolonging Life Expectancy
According to the University of Southern California and its study of gerontology, supplements, combined with healthy lifestyle and better diets, are actually prolonging the life expectancy of people in America.

How to Get Your Brain Fit for Your Finals
Pulling late night study sessions before you take crucial exams is the worst thing that you can do if you want your mind to be sharp.

Improving Sleep with Melatonin
Looking to get the most out of your sleep? Wondering if all-natural melatonin will benefit you? Ready to give it a try and see if it helps?

The Weighty Impacts of Obesity
Being overweight contributes to other factors that can lead to heart disease or make heart disease worse.

New Beginnings... In September?
September marks a "return to normal" for much of the world, and it's also a great time to renew your dedication to your Herbalife business. See what the Herbal Nutrition team is working on for you this fall!

Herbalife Coast to Coast
Where can you find Herbalife? Anywhere if you use Herbal Nutrition! Learn how an Italian bicyclist used Herbal-Nutrition.Net to find the products he needed for a cross-country bike race!

Choose Your Meal Replacements Wisely!
Today, there are many different kinds of bars and shakes that provide different amounts of nutrients. Among the most popular ones are used for weight loss, weight gain, or for strength and endurance.

How to Effectively Sell the Healthy Lifestyle
Herbalife isn't about being "on a diet". It's about embracing a healthy lifestyle!

Get Fit at Home to Complement Your Herbalife Diet!
Herbalife Fit Club! Looking for ideas to get fit and healthy from home? It's easier than you think and you don't need an expensive gym membership!

5 Tips for First-time Network Marketers (Including Herbalife!)
Let's face it. Starting your own business was never easy. However with the right plan and expert guidance, the process can be much easier, and increase your chances for success.

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Amazing Avo & Almond Smoothie
Silky smooth texture and tastes like pistaccio soft ice cream.

Saltata la colazione oggi? - Did you skip your breakfast today
Saltare colazione non aiuta a dimagrire: perché? - Skipping breakfast does not help in loosing weight: why?

Simple Wellness Solutions
The 7 Aspects of Wellness are seven major life areas that work together to create fulfillment and satisfaction. When you take positive steps to foster a higher level of awareness and action in each of the 7 Aspects, you build a more whole and complete way of living.

CBC News - The Secrets of Sugar - The Fifth Estate
We've heard about the dangers of eating too much fat or salt. But there has never been a warning about sugar on our food labels - despite emerging research that suggests the sweet stuff is making more of us fat and sick.

Scegli i tuoi sostituti pasto saggiamente! - Choose Your Meal Replacements Wisely!
Come scegliere i sostituti pasto più adatti - How to choose the most suitable meal replacements

Herbalife 30th anniversary UK
We just celebrated Herbalife opening in the UK 30 years ago last weekend What an amazing event it was.

I have started on my Herbalife F1 shake. I start of with 30 sit ups I then have one shake with two slices of wholemeal toast with mashed banana on every morning. My muscles have toned up and my belly is much flatter and I feel great both inside and out. I also have so much more energy.

The one better known as Jimmy!
Let me share with you how I found Herbalife or rather how Herbalife found me.

What to eat before you work out
The right fuel before you work out might can help you perform at your best. Why You Should Eat Before You Work Out.

How to stay healthy when road tripping
How to stay healthy when you are travelling along the junk food highway of roadhouses

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It's time to take control
of your financial future.

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