Helping you achieve your health and weight loss goals

Helping you achieve your health and weight loss goals

About Us

My name is David Hastings and I am having some very exciting results with the Herbalife nutrition products.

I used to be a Merchant Navy Officer and there was an explosion on my last  ship, a very large tanker.

The fireball blew me down the deck of the ship, over the railing and down 50 feet into the sea.

Over 82% of my body was burnt to second degree level. My hands were rebuilt by the plastic surgeons but I needed 12 pints of blood during the operation.

To keep me alive in hospital, I was on very intensive nutrition therapy (totalling 105,000 calories EVERY DAY for seven weeks) to help provide my body with the energy and building blocks I needed to recover.

Unfortunately some of the blood I was given was infected and many years later I discovered I had Hepatitis C.

I successfully went through the medication programme to get rid of the Hep C virus but there were many side effects (including tiredness and weight gain). Additionally the medications reacted with my immune system, which triggered Sarcoidosis (main side effect tiredness!).

It took about five years for my body to recover from the side effects of this medication.

I recently found Herbalife and got onto the products for good nutrition, to have more energy and feel better.

My energy levels significantly increased in just the first few days, I got my appetite under control and I feel significantly better in myself - most particularly the lethargy at various times of the day is easing dramatically.


Please click on the SUCCESS tab at the top of the page and see the sort of results ordinary people just like you are having on these nutritional products.

You too can feel the benefit of the science based nutrition in the Herbalife products. 

Please feel free to email me at feelgood (at) and I will be happy to help you and discuss your nutritional needs.

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