What to eat – do you know how to lose weight?

I am always surprised how many of my clients are not aware of what they need to do, or what they need to change, to lose weight and keep it off for good.
There are some lifestyle changes you need to make. You can’t go on a diet and then look forward to going off it again once you’ve lost some weight. This will only lead to gaining on all the weight you lost, and possibly more. I know if you are reading this you will have been through that already in your life – probably many times! I did too – for 15 years till I discovered that it’s a lifestyle change, not a diet.
If you spend your entire time on your Eating Plan wishing you could have cake or fries or that hot apple pie – then you’ll be counting down till you can finish the eating plan you’ve worked so hard at – so that you can eat what you want to. This will lead to failure.
A diet or eating plan that lets you eat what ever you like, but limits the points or calories, is not educating you to eat well  – a balanced sensible diet where you’ll lose weight and then keep it off. Not only will you lose weight but you’ll feel more energised and be healthier too.

So often on a diet you abandon it altogether because you have a small waiver, but you can learn from your mistakes, be a little easier on yourself, and carry on. I used to think that if I had one thing that I shouldn’t have – then I had already ruined the entire day – so I may as well keep eating badly for the rest of the day and start fresh the next. You can imagine how far that got me. If you have a slip up – forgive yourself – move on and forget about it – but be aware of what made you slip up (temptation/craving/situation) and think of a way to combat the urge next time it appears. Say to yourself – oh thanks for that learning exercise – I have now figured out how I will approach that differently next time!

One little slip up probably wont’ ruin your weightloss for the week – so don’t turn it into a big slip up for the entire day – because that will have a detrimental effect on this weeks goal.

If you start on a crash diet you’ll lose muscle and water, not fat, you’ll end up hungry and fail. You need a balanced healthy eating plan and I’m going to map one out for you – but I want to first explain the food types and why they are important.

If you just change your eating and your family still keeps eating crisps, fried chicken, white bread and biscuits – then you’ll not succeed either. If that’s what your family are eating you need to educate them on healthy food and a healthy lifestyle too. It will be better for their waistline and their health – and for your success.

You need to know what to eat, what not to eat, how to overcome cravings. How to survive the week without feeling deprived, and how to lose weight without feeling hungry and it must be able to fit into your life easily. Right?

It needs to be easy to follow, and you need to remain healthy and enjoy it!
Posted by Vicki Kenny on Thursday 13 December 2012
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