Can't start my day without my Herbalife Breakfast

We started with Herbalife to lose weight, not knowing that we will be using the products indefinitely after that. The healthy breakfast is a huge selling point for Herbalife - I mean think about it, everyone needs a healthy breakfast right?

We've now been using the products for almost 6 years, and it's just so convenient, quick, easy and most important, DELICIOUS! 

Here are the products I use for breakfast every day at the moment:

  • 1 Fibre & Herb tablet
  • A glass full of water, with my Instant Herbal Beverage Tea (aka Thermo - original flavour), and two-three capfuls of Herbal Aloe Concentrate added to it (we use the Mango flavour, it really spruces up the taste of anything you add it to!!) - I usually have it cold, but now in the winter I sometimes have it warmer/hot.
  • My Shake, made like this: 150ml Lactose Free Milk, 150ml Water - 2 scoops Protein Drink Mix, 2 scoops Shake (I like to mix it up, today I had vanilla and strawberry combined), and 2 scoops of Formula 3 Personalized Protein Powder (I recommend this product for EVERYONE!) - this is around 30-35 grams of protein, great for keeping you fuller for longer!

My wife has the same, only an extra Fibre & Herb tablet, and sometimes she skips the Tea. (yes, women also need protein!)

Very rarely it happens that we do not have this for breakfast, and boy oh boy, do we feel it that day! As in clearly, I can feel a definite lack of something and the day just generally doesn't go that well in terms of energy levels. Everyone always says "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" - I've heard it, you've heard it. But I never realised how true this statement actually is. When we wake up, we're literally running on empty, both for food (energy) and water (hydration). You'd be amazed at how big of a difference something like a proper, nutritious breakfast can do for your day. If you are someone who tends to skip breakfast, or tend to have a sugary cereal or something like that, I promise you you won't know yourself if you just start your day right.

What have you had for breakfast today?

Posted by Rudi van der Walt on Wednesday 14 August 2019
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