Protein Drink Mix
Protein Drink Mix
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Increase your protein intake with this versatile product that offers two alternatives.

To be prepared as a calorie-controlled snack rich in proteins, or to add to your Formula 1 Shake * preferred to get a drink
delicious and creamy.
* The Mix protein shake, when added to a Formula 1 shake as shown, not a meal replacement.

Mix the protein drink is an alternative choice to help you reach your daily protein intake. Proteins are the constituents of the muscles. They are essential for the proper functioning of cells and growth and tissue repair. The body is not able to store proteins and can not produce them himself. It is therefore important to consume enough daily.

Key Benefits
• 15 g of high quality protein
• 7 g carbohydrate
• 20 vitamins and minerals
• Can be mixed with water
• Vanilla Flavor

• Serve as a snack: mix two tablespoons (28 g) of protein drink mix with 250ml of cold water and
• To add to your favorite shake: Mix one tablespoon (14 g) and two tablespoons of Formula 1 to 250 ml of cold water.
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