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Hi, I'm Neil. Thank you for visiting my site. I am doing this information drive to help people enjoy health and wellness, so YOU and your FRIENDS may also experience AMAZING RESULTS, such as the one I am enjoying.

Before Herbalife, I was like this  216 pounds with a 40 inch waistline. I had health problems such as sinusitis, allergies, chest pain, easily get tired and always sleepy. With PROPER NUTRITION from Herbalife, I lost 32 pounds and 6 inches on the waist and got rid of my health problems in just three (3) months WITHOUT exercise...

Because of my results, I'm sharing this because I believe this actually has the potential to save lives. However, If you think you cannot use this information, please have the heart to keep them in mind and share them with others especially your family and friends who need to lose or gain weight, or those who need help with their health.

The biggest problem on health all over the world is OBESITY. In fact, many doctors and experts consider obesity as the NEW EPIDEMIC! In the Philippines alone, 1 of every 3 Filipinos is now overweight!

When I say FAT or OBESE, it does not only refer to people who are large and overweight like these

But FAT People can also look like these

THIN OUTSIDE but FAT INSIDE (T.O.F.I.). They are poorly nourished as they hardly have time to eat.

In other words, looking healthy does NOT mean you are healthy, If you take a closer look at this example…these twins both have the same BMI, but the thinner guy on the right has MORE FAT inside- at 21.2%!

So today, in order to know if you are healthy, you have to know how much fat you have inside. When you have excessive FAT inside, you are at HIGH RISK for Obesity-related diseases, which are hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer.

To be vigilant about your health is good practice not just for you but for your family as well. Good Health is not just for a FEW, it can be enjoyed by everyone.

If you want to enjoy Good Health, you have to understand what PROPER NUTRITION is.

PROPER NUTRITION is WHEN your cells get all of the following in the RIGHT AMOUNT EVERY DAY.

But let’s face it, getting the right amounts of these nutrients is nearly impossible these days. Our FOOD TODAY is LOADED with these things in the red area and LACKING with the very things WE NEED in the blue area.

If you look around you, YOU ARE SURROUNDED WITH SO MUCH UNHEALTHY FOOD such as fast food, instant food and processed food WHICH ARE HIGH IN CALORIES AND LOW IN NUTRITIONAL VALUE.

And EVEN if you try to EAT HEALTHY by sticking to vegetables and fruits, these apparently get depleted of nutrients once they have gone through pesticides, chemicals and mishandling.

Compounding our problem on food are TOXINS coming from, PRESERVATIVES, ANTIBIOTIC, HORMONES, SUPERGERMS and loads and loads of SUGAR FROM SOFTDRINKS, BEVERAGES and JUICE.

And so OUR HEALTH SUFFERS! THESE are all common signs of POOR NUTRITION; nail and hair problems, dry skin and even the frequent feeling of being tired. Do you have any of these?

Probably you have these health problems. If you have ANY or even just one of the following problems, it only means one thing; your cells are not getting the RIGHT AMOUNTS of NUTRITION every day.

But more than those health problems, we are now seeing a lot of these, which many parents think is not a problem at all. Proper Nutrition is not just for you, but for the whole family… Especially if you are a parent, it is your moral obligation to eat healthy. Because what you eat is usually also what your children eats.

Why don’t we take a quick check on your eating habits...

If your BREAKFAST or any of your meals, for that matter is DOMINATED with carbohydrates such as the following….

This is what happens.  When carbohydrates get inside your body, they become blood sugar. The rise in blood sugar triggers the release of your insulin. Insulin converts your sugar into energy. Two to three hours later, when insulin would have completed its job…your blood sugar drops and then you experience CRAVINGS. Every time you take loads of carbohydrates, this gets to be followed by cravings as it follows this vicious cycle.

Skipping breakfast is also not good. This will stress out your cells out of hunger such that when you eat, your body will no longer process your food well. Instead, the body tends to store food more into fat, in case, the owner again plans not to eat. So, clinical evidences have shown, people who skip meals, actually gain weight. 

So, what should you eat then especially for breakfast? You should get more proteins, less calories, food that makes you full for 4 to 5 hours, food that doesn’t have bad fat, and especially, one that has the complete set of nutrients your body needs.

You can hardly find all these requirements in normal food. UNLESS you grow your own fruits and vegetables, raise your own chicken, etc. In these modern times, it may be difficult to do that. Herbalife offers you a solution…

HEALTHY BREAKFAST in the form of a nutritional shake formula that gives you ALL your vital nutrients and energy without increasing blood sugar and insulin levels.

This is made from vegetables, fruits, herbs and soya isolate protein. We call it COMPLETE FOOD which may easily be used as a meal replacement. I take this as my breakfast and my dinner.

Because we believe you should make sure you FEED your CELLS nutrients in the right amounts daily and not just put food inside your stomach that may not contain adequate nutrients at all.

This is the Herbalife Advantage: CELLULAR NUTRITION. 90% of your nutrient absorption happens in your small intestine, the cross section of which looks like this. When your food gets digested, the nutrients are released, and they pass through the villi to get to the cells in the different parts of your body. But you may be exposed to so much of these things that damage the villi with so much toxins.  Such that no matter if you load yourself with nutrients, they may no longer be able to pass through the villi because your villi may be damaged or clogged with toxins.

Herbalife products DOES these three important things: 1. Cleansing 2. Enhanced absorption of nutrients, and since you are already getting proper nutrition daily, you 3. regenerate healthier cells.



Now, the decision is in your hands. Please feel free to contact me, I'm very much willing to share. Thank you and stay healthy

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