Water makes the fat go away!

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Just wanted to leave you a little note about how important water is.  Ever heard the little saying, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away."  Well, here is a new one.  Eight glasses of water a day, helps flush the fat away.  Most people have known that water is a vital part of our health.  If we don't have water we will literally shrivel up and blow away.  Our body needs water for our blood to flow, our organs to run correctly, and overall hydration.  But, your body can only absorb small amounts at a time.  Ounces to be exact.  This is why, when you get dehydrated it can take you up to 6 hours to rehydrate!  DON'T get dehydrated!  

I have found that if your drink more than you need you will expunge more fat.  I had never seen fat untill the day I saw it in my bathroom.  This is because I dedicated myself to drinking more water.  I calculated that I needed to drink 8 glasses, (8oz per is one cup) eight time a day.  Yes, I did start going to the bathroom more often, but because I was cleaning my system of the fat in my body.  When you start flushing your body of fat, you will see weight changes.

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Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday 19 June 2012

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