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We’re ready for some feedback on our new local WLC site.  Here’s our first publicly released screenshot. A lot of things are still subject to change, but I think you’ll get the idea. We are currently planning on launching this site for use in January 2010.

We’re following the same development model we used for the WorkFromHomeSystem.com website – put something basic online where distributors can try it, use it, and make ‘real-world’ suggestions for improvement. We then compile a list of suggestions and rework the site to implement your feedback.

Click for full-screen view

Click for full-screen view

Initial Features:

  • Basic WLC information – including date/time/map of your next WLC event
  • Online event registration for your WLC participants
  • Payment (through PayPal) if you wish to have them pay online
  • The WLC 12 week PDF handouts will be made available one per week automatically as your challenge progresses
  • A ‘Meet the Coach’ area allows you to add your profile information to the site
  • Facebook connect feature allows users to register in seconds if they have a Facebook account
  • Other features?? It’s entirely up to you!

These will be personalized with your own  profile picture, local information and events.  This will be included for FREE as part of your HNN account.

6 thoughts on “Local WLC Tool – First Development Screenshot

  1. Hi There!

    I think this is fantastic! I created my own WLC website through Vistaprint.com, and it sounds like your website has everything mine does!! LOVE IT!! The only thing I would suggest is that we are able to upload before & after pictures of people that we have helped in our LOCAL challenge. Also, I have all the agreement forms available as well. You can take a look at my website at http://www.staugweightlosschallenge.com. This will be a wonderful addition to our HNN subscription.

    Mary Kruelskie

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