Can Following a Gluten-Free Diet Aid Weight Loss?
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There are a million and one diets out there, from the cabbage soup diet to the Atkins diet, every single one of them purports to be the key to easy weight loss. The truth is that weight loss is never easy. Many men and women struggle for years to lose weight, spending their life on a seesaw of weight loss and weight gain.

Sustained Weight Loss

Sustained weight loss requires a comprehensive approach and a number of major lifestyle changes. There is no point cutting your calorific intake to the bone for three months, only to return to your previous lifestyle once the weight has dropped off. You will soon gain the weight back again – and then some!

The only way to lose weight and keep it off is to stick to a healthy diet and take regular exercise. Eating healthily means cutting out certain ingredients, so in theory, moving to a gluten-free diet could aid weight loss, but you may find it doesn’t work that way.

Gluten-Free Celebrities

Gluten-free diets have become increasingly popular. Many famous celebrities swear by a gluten-free diet. Gwyneth Paltrow famously educates the public about gluten-free and dairy-free living on her lifestyle blog, Goop. Russell Crowe turned to a GF diet back in 2011 when he was training for his role in Gladiator. He told the media he lost 16 pounds on the diet. Ryan Gosling, Zooey Deschanel, Rachel Weisz, and Bill Clinton are all gluten-free, too.

Are You Allergic to Gluten?

Most people elect to switch to a gluten-free diet because they suffer from IBS, celiac or inflammatory bowel disease. Gluten is a major irritant and is a known cause of IBS, as well as celiac disease. You can find effective IBS relief medication, but dealing with the underlying cause can also provide long-term relief. If you have celiac disease going gluten-free is not an option, but not everyone who eats a gluten-free diet is intolerant or allergic to gluten.

Removing gluten from your diet involves cutting out bread, cakes, biscuits, cereals, and anything with wheat, flour, and grains in it. On the face of it, this is an excellent way to cut down on calories, since bread, cakes, and baked goods are notoriously high in calories.

However, what you need to be aware of is that replacing gluten-containing foods with gluten-free substitutes could actually make your weight problem worse.

The Dangers of Mass-Produced GF Foods

Gluten-free foods are more readily available than they were ten years ago. Most supermarkets sell a good range of gluten-free bread, biscuits, convenience foods, and other groceries. They often look – and taste – identical to the real thing, but what manufacturers do is add lots of sugar to make the food taste more palatable.

Cutting out bread, cakes, pasta, and other carbohydrate-rich foods is not a bad thing, but replacing them with sugar-laden substitutes will not help you lose weight. You can cut out gluten, but make sure you fill the gap with freshly cooked vegetables and healthy foods instead.

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