It is not a secret that herbal supplements are considered better – and healthier – than their chemical-based, artificial counterparts. The lack of chemical substances in herbal supplements allow the body to absorb all the nutrients it needs without having to deal with side effects. According to the University of Southern California and its study of gerontology, supplements, combined with healthy lifestyle and better diets, are actually prolonging the life expectancy of people in America.

The latest studies suggest that one in ten girls born today will live past the age of 100. The average life expectancy of females increases quite substantially, from 78 years in 2012 to 81 years today. For men, the life expectancy is currently at around 76 years. Now that we have more herbal supplements being discovered and manufactured, experts believe that the life expectancy of Americans will continue to increase in the coming years.

Americans Are Living Longer is an infographic created by the University of Southern California.

Americans Are Living Longer

Herbal Supplements Are Prolonging Life Expectancy (Infographic)

If you’ve been working hard in your online master in liberal studies program, you’ll want to make sure that your brain is firing on all cylinders when it’s time to take to take those all-important exams. By taking a few simple steps you can ensure that your mind is clear, calm and focused, so that you’ll be able to recall information with ease and organize your thoughts effectively.

Don’t Skimp on Sleep

Did you know that being sleep deprived is as bad as being drunk? Researchers have found that going without sleep for 17 hours affects performance to the same degree as having a blood alcohol level of 0.05 percent. That’s almost as high as the 0.08 percent that puts you over the legal drink drive limit in most states.

Pulling late night study sessions before you take crucial exams is the worst thing that you can do if you want your mind to be sharp.

Fuel Your Body with Protein and Healthy Fats

Have you heard of the carbohydrate crash? It’s the energy slump that hits when blood sugar levels plummet an hour or two after a carb heavy meal or snack. Sugar is an obvious culprit, but foods like bread, pasta, rice and potatoes have the same effect.

To keep energy levels high, opt for meals and snacks rich in protein and healthy fats. Choose foods like eggs, poultry, avocados, almonds and hummus.

Swap Coffee for Green Tea

The caffeine in coffee is a great stimulant; it helps to improve focus and keeps you alert when energy levels are low, but those benefits come with some costs. It’s well known that caffeine increases anxiety, it does this by raising the levels of two stress hormones, cortisol and epinephrine.

When stress hormones are coursing through your system, your heart beats faster, your blood pressure shoots up, and you’re likely to be more agitated. Caffeine also inhibits a really important neurotransmitter in your brain called GABA. GABA is responsible for keeping you calm, and low levels are associated with anxiety and panic attacks.

So how do you get the upsides of caffeine without the downsides? Simple, you swap coffee for green tea. Green tea has enough caffeine to give you an energy boost and sharpen your focus, and because it’s released into your bloodstream more slowly you won’t have to worry about the caffeine buzz caffeine crash cycle.

Green tea brings some other benefits too:

  • Theophylline and Theobromine both relax muscles and increase blood flow. More blood flow to your brain means more oxygen, which keeps you alert, and relaxed muscles mean less tension.
  • L-Theanine is an amino acid that reduces both mental and physical stress, keeping you calm and steady.

Put it all together and you have a gentle stimulant that produces the kind of calm focus that is perfect for obtaining your online master in liberal studies degree.

By taking a little extra care of yourself at exam time you won’t add to the natural anxiety that’s bound to be to present, you’ll be sharp and energized, and you’ll be ready for whatever questions come your way.

Everyone has experienced the occasional odd sleepless night, complete with tossing and turning. Unfortunately, for some people, it isn’t so odd but rather insists on being part of their routine. However, there are many possible solutions to this problem, including the benefits of a natural hormone known as melatonin. Not only does the human brain make it, but in minimal amounts it is also found in plants and animals. So keep in mind–while melatonin may help you sleep, it is not a man-made sleep aid.

Does Melatonin Work?

Whether or not the intentional consumption of melatonin assists sleep often depends on the individual and the reason they need or want it. However, the onslaught of sleeplessness frequently comes from the production of melatonin being disturbed, either being in an unconventional release pattern or there not being enough of it. When melatonin is released or repressed is dictated by circadian rhythms and exposure to light, so if your body is flung into a different time zone (jet lag), or if you hold a night job, your sleep being under the control of when your body is used to experiencing daylight may be less than ideal.

Jet lag is when a person travels to different time zones, generally by plane. In some cases, the time difference may only be a few hours and this is hardly an issue. However, once it becomes a notable shift it may take your body an inconvenient amount of time to re-adjust (approximately a day for every time zone crossed) and make it difficult to sleep or stay awake at appropriate times. However, that’s where melatonin comes in. If taken at the right time, supplements can ease the adjustment period by raising melatonin levels and thus make you tired.

Benefits of Melatonin

As already harped upon, the major benefit of melatonin supplements, when used correctly, is sleep. There are numerous other uses being researched (such as helping with Alzheimer’s) but you should consult your doctor before using it regularly to help treat something.

Melatonin Safety

Taking melatonin can sometimes interact badly with medications and health problems, so either do your research or consult your doctor! Long-term use (over two months) is also heavily discouraged without the consultation of a doctor. It sometimes comes with side effects, so don’t be too alarmed if you wake up with: headaches, dizziness, daytime sleepiness, and in less common cases discomfort, irritability, confusion, etc. and even short-term feelings of depression. It also should be noted that melatonin often brings vivid dreams or nightmares. Regarding dosage, taking too much has not been shown to be even remotely harmful, it can disrupt circadian rhythms, which is rather inconvenient. Finally, do not operate machinery or drive a vehicle within five hours of taking melatonin supplements. The very idea of taking melatonin supplements is to make you drowsy.

Herbalife Sleep Now with Melatonin

Remember! Sleeping is a major part of leading a healthy life, and Sleep Now from Herbalife is here to help you!

How Can I Try It?

In order to buy your own Sleep Now with Melatonin, all you have to do is contact your local distributor!

The diagnosis of heart disease tends to be accompanied by a rather weighty problem: obesity. It’s regarded as one of the major signs that you may develop heart disease or that your current diagnosis of heart disease may worsen substantially into conditions like congestive heart failure.

How Does Weight Contribute to Heart Disease?

In the updated 2014 Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics report published by the American Heart Association (AHA), several startling factors were published pertaining to poor behaviors that led to heart disease. Poor diet and a lack of exercise were major contributors to individuals developing heart disease.

The point to understand about these two activities is that they tend to correlate with a higher-than-healthy weight. A sedentary lifestyle tends to be coupled with a poor diet, which leads to both heart disease and obesity.

Even in individuals not suffering from heart disease, the presence of obesity is considered one of the major risk factors for developing heart disease. This is because of how the two aforementioned factors tend to work hand-in-hand.

For example, an obese person may have difficulty exercising. They may find aerobic activities especially difficult, which then means that they may skip them altogether. This allows their heart to become weaker.

Obese individuals tend to consume more calories from calorie-dense foods that may have a higher amount of saturated fats or simple carbohydrates. These promote conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and other conditions that directly contribute to heart disease.

For an individual diagnosed with heart disease, obesity can significantly worsen their prognosis. It can prevent them from reaping the benefits of exercise, receiving the nutrients their body needs to repair itself, and promoting the formation of more fat storage while muscle tissue begins to atrophy as the body cannibalizes it.

This starts a vicious cycle that makes treating heart disease even more difficult.

Obesity Contributing to Other Heart Disease Risks

Being overweight contributes to other factors that can lead to heart disease or make heart disease worse.

Obesity tends to develop in tandem with high blood pressure. This forces the heart to pump more blood, which in turn increases the incidence of blood platelets sticking to the walls of arteries and veins and increases the risk for a person to suffer heart attacks or strokes.

Another set of factors that tend to develop with obesity are known as metabolic disorders. Conditions like diabetes change how the body’s chemistry works, which in turn makes it harder for exercise to be efficient. These conditions can lead to further complications like diabetic neuropathy and a difficulty in blood flow reaching the extremities like the hands and feet.

How Can You Improve Your Heart Health Through Weight Loss?

The good news is that losing weight is one of the most effective ways to promote heart health while fighting the myriad of factors that can make your prognosis worse.

Below are three simple tips that can help you lose weight, improve your life expectancy, and reduce the number of heart-related problems that you might develop in the future.

  1. Eat Wholesome Foods

Packaged snacks and preserved foods tend to be lined with carbohydrates, simple fats and a distinct lack of fiber.

Substituting natural foods like fruits and vegetables can dramatically benefit your heart. You can switch to leaner portions of beef or chicken to further promote a healthy diet that helps your heart.

The best part is that foods that naturally have fiber tend to be metabolized slower by the body. This leaves you feeling full for a longer period after eating, which means that you are less prone to consuming more calories and gaining excess weight.

  1. Exercise Regularly

Developing an exercise routine doesn’t have to be hard. Something as simple as routinely walking around your block for half an hour every day can dramatically improve how well your heart functions.

As you exercise regularly, your body will tend to use energy stored in fat cells rather than breaking down lean muscle mass for energy. This can reduce your weight while making your cardiovascular system stronger and lowering your blood pressure.

  1. Work with Your Physician

The cause of obesity isn’t always clear. There can be extenuating factors that make it hard to lose weight. Hormone levels are a prime example of one thing that can cause an otherwise healthy person to gain excess weight.

The best way to combat these factors is to work with your physician. Be honest with him or her about your diet and exercise habits while working with your physician to develop a personalized fitness plan with any medical treatment you might need to succeed.

When you begin to lose weight, your body will function better. You may even be able to alleviate some of the damage that has been caused and reduce the symptoms of any heart disease that may already be present.

  1. Get Extra Help

Sometimes it’s hard to know what food is good or bad for you.  In some instances, you might benefit from a meal replacement shake or food like HerbaLife Shakes that combine all the nutrients, vitamins, and protein you need to keep you full and healthy. HerbaLife supplements healthy eating and regular exercise to promote weight loss, which is vital for a healthy heart.

Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who is trying to be healthier this year. She currently writes for AEDs Today, a leading supplier of automatic external defibrillators.

Meal replacements are getting more and more popular and readily available. These meals used to be targeted for body builders and other athletes, but have gone mainstream because of the huge variety of health benefits it provides.

Many people preferred these meals since their fast-paced lifestyle meant no time to prepare otherwise healthy meals for themselves. To make things better, meal replacements provide just as much nutrients, if not more, as a healthy dietary meal. A good example would be Herbalife’s Formula 1 shake, as it provides a good combination of nutrients such as: Vitamins A and C, Protein, Fibre, Calcium, and Iron.

Today, there are many different kinds of bars and shakes that provide different amounts of nutrients. Among the most popular ones are used for weight loss, weight gain, or for strength and endurance.

Things to consider when choosing meal replacements

These bars and shakes don’t come with instant results, as it takes a lot of discipline and balance (with traditional dietary methods) to get what you want. There are times when consumption of such products has virtually no effect to the end user. This may be because of certain reasons such as cheating your diet, taking the wrong bars or shakes, or simply because you’ve fallen prey to savvy marketing.

Sadly, some supplemental products out there are nothing more than dignified candy bars and sugar-loaded drinks. It pays to be careful when choosing meal replacements since your health and your hard-earned cash is at stake. Do so by following these simple tips:

1. Check the ingredients

This is already a giveaway but it’s often overlooked. One of the best ways to make an informed choice is to read the list of ingredients found at the back of the package. That’s because you can get to know what your food replacement is made of.

The beauty of using meal replacements is that your nutrient intake is already fixed, saving you the hassle of calculating them for yourself. Among the contents of the bars and shakes you’re going to consume should be:

  • A third of daily vitamins and minerals (calcium, vitamin B, etc.) per serving
  • 10-15 grams of protein per serving
  • 3-5 grams of fiber per serving
  • Less than 5 grams of fat per serving
  • 220-230 calories per serving

This is the ideal contents of a meal replacement, since it gives you a balanced amount of complex carbohydrates, simple sugars, fat, and protein. This allows you to do your normal functions, while keeping weight levels in check. There are tons of online sources which you can access if you want to know more about a certain nutrient and what it does to the body. You can Google them and know which fits your body’s needs best.

2. Look for trusted brands

Although it’s nice to try new products out, nothing is safer than opting for the established brands. They’ve reached that status for a reason, and that’s because they’ve delivered on their promises for years. Opt for popular brands in the market to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

3. Get recommendations

Uncompensated endorsement from your peers and other people is always good advice since they’re giving it to help you and not to sell something. You probably have health conscious friends in your social circle who have used health products before. You could ask them what works and what doesn’t.

If none of your peers use such products, you could always go online and get information about different products in several communities. There’s bound to be a Facebook group or a forum that hosts discussion about your health concerns.

4. Opt for good taste

Do you know why people break their diets for sugary and greasy food? That’s because they taste great. Almost everyone will agree that eating is one of the most fun things to do. Nothing beats that sensation in your mouth when you’re chewing or drinking something really good. This requires those bars and shakes to have exceptional taste since it’s just hard to force yourself to eat something you don’t like, even for the sake of getting fit. Also, forcing yourself to eat and drink unappetizing food will make you chronically crave for junk food, which in turn would have a lot of bad effects on your body.

There are meal replacements available in delicious flavors like Dolce De Leche, Vanilla, Banana, and others. Just make sure that they don’t have any unwanted sugars like Acesfulfame K to keep your calorie count in check.


When given the choice between fries and a tall soda or a bag of sliced apples, most of us wouldn’t hesitate to take the deep fried and sugary treats over nature’s desserts. If we could take the elevator a couple of floors up a building, we’d pass on the stairs. And staying at home to watch the basketball game seems like the preferred option for many instead of actually hitting the court to shoot some hoops.

Big brand marketing for fast food and the conveniences of technology make healthy living a tough sell for anybody. The faddish comings and goings of miracle diets that have been applied and discarded even faster by the “get fit quick” crowd have only made the rest even more skittish about buying into the lifestyle that they’ve been led to believe is just too much work for too little results.

So what’s an entrepreneur who thrives on selling the healthy lifestyle in this high-fat, high-carb, high-tech, low-effort world to do?

Forget the Hard Sell

The quickest way to get your audience to ignore you is to try and force your message onto their long-held worldviews. People, especially adults (who probably make up your entire target market), do not like being told what they believe is wrong, and that they are better off living following a totally different view on life.

The only time that approach works is when the people are already willing to listen (which I hope is the case with you, dear reader).

Don’t bother rattling off a list of repercussions for unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise. They don’t want to hear it, and chances are, they already have a general idea that they will one day have to face the consequences. However, the future is always so far away in most people’s heads that it never really is an issue until it comes, so it’s easy to think it’s better to enjoy all the cheeseburgers and the milkshakes today than think of the diabetes or the clogged arteries tomorrow.

The alternative of preaching the benefits of a healthy lifestyle isn’t exactly the best way either. At least, not in the method of solely talking about improved cardiovascular performance through exercise or enhanced memory through proper dieting. These benefits should always be tied with what the person you are selling to is already hoping to achieve.

Appeal to Emotion

Like any successful consumer product (not basic needs), it’s not always about the features or the price that make people continuously patronize the business selling it. It’s the story that’s communicated in the marketing that entices consumers into trying it out, and the consistent messaging of that story that keeps them buying.

Apple’s branding allowed it to connect with the young urban professional crowd that believes in the importance of aesthetics and simplicity, establishing that base before branching out to a more mainstream audience that adopted it and has now made the brand ubiquitous.

For the healthy lifestyle, there are multiple bases you can touch upon to build an honest connection with.

The promise of a longer life to be able to play with one’s grandkids is a suitable angle to approach from when dealing with middle aged persons. The joy of having an active relationship with their grandchildren is an emotional goal worth striving for a lot of people, so it’s a relatively easy touchstone to aim for.

Not on a Diet! For young men and women, you can present the argument for losing weight to boost confidence in their social encounters. The longing to better their chances at connecting with their peers is the ultimate goal, not exactly the relief in their joints from carrying the extra weight or the stronger immune system.

Another possible perspective to explore is tapping into the more adventurous or goal-oriented crowd. The cleaner diet and the more disciplined exercise routines helps these people break free of whatever physical or mental limits that are holding them back.

Whether it’s appealing to the young or the old or the go-getters in life, the key thing to remember is that you need to tailor the story that falls in line with your audience’s vision. In the case of the healthy lifestyle, it’s nourishing them with fitter minds and bodies that let them do more and further their human relationships.

Herbalife Fit CampGetting in shape is primarily a combination of two factors: a good diet and regular exercise. We all know that Herbalife products are a great way to help you meet your goal, but your regime will be much more effective if you keep yourself healthy with vigorous exercise on the regular.

But what’s that? Don’t want to go to the gym, where prying eyes are everywhere, judging your copious rolls of fat? No problem, just invest the thousands of dollars into fitness equipment and make your own personal gym in the comfort of your own ho- no? Your money’s all tied up in real estate and venture capital? No problem, Daddy or Mommy Warbucks! You can get a decent workout with little to no extra items needed.
Never think that just because you don’t have the time or money to go to the gym that you can take your physical fitness for granted. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways you can get exercise at home.

Bodyweight Workouts

If you don’t have equipment, your body is the best way for you to do some strength training. The workouts that were taught to you in gym class still apply to your adult life-jumping jacks, crunches, pushups, pullups, squats, and lunges. Don’t worry about losing weight and the bodyweight you can work with-you can always up the difficulty by, say, upgrading your pushups to the more punishing diamond kind, or the one-armed kind, or increasing the incline, or a combination of previous methods.

This doesn’t apply to just the pushup- you can do bicycle crunches when the regular crunch doesn’t cut it, jump squats if squats become too easy, and jump lunges when you can do a lunge in your sleep. Websites such as Women’s Health have plenty of resources for devising and implementing a bodyweight workout plan.

Wii Fit Plus and Wii Fit U

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it- Nintendo’s fitness software has sold over 23 million copies worldwide, and for good reason-it works. Coupled with an iron fortitude and the included Balance Board, Wii Fit and its expansions bring you an interactive personal trainer, gamifying those home workout tapes in a way that has never been more effective. It doesn’t hurt that the Balance Board, which can judge your center of gravity and weight, is far more accurate than a common household scale.

Try each exercise out, see which is best for you, and develop your own regular exercise routine. Alternately, you can use one of the included regimens, focusing on strength, aerobics, or other points for improvement. And let’s face it, you or one of your family members probably has a Wii and a Balance Board gathering dust somewhere, but if not, the barrier for entry will be less than 200 dollars, if you know where to look.
Plus, if you’ve jumped onto that next-generational hype train, Wii Fit U has been even more improved, allowing you to transfer your data from Wii Fit or Wii Fit Plus and continue your exercises in glorious HD. Exercises have been fine-tuned, making this software more effective than before.


Attaining the state of mind that comes with yoga is pretty hard after you’ve driven to the studio, found a place to lay your mat, and are looking at the sweaty behind of the person in front of you. That’s why we recommend doing yoga at home, by yourself, in the stillness and quiet of your own personal space.

Take a few classes, watch some videos online to get yourself familiar with the poses, memorize them, and spend every morning (or evening) saluting the sun. Yoga is a great way to relax, calm your mind, and perhaps cool down from a more intensive workout. All you need is a mat and a can-do attitude.

By the way, we don’t have a deal to promote Nintendo or anything, but there are yoga and Pilates exercises included in Wii Fit as well.

Walking, Running, Biking

This last item isn’t strictly limited to your home (although treadmills and stationary bikes are relatively cheap), but are some of the most effective ways to get a good cardiovascular workout. If you live in a decent neighborhood with good roads, some sloping hills, with relatively little traffic, you can plan your route.

Walk, run, and cycle along it first thing in the morning, or at night, and burn those calories. Brisk walking at around three miles per hour burns 360 calories, running six miles per hour burns around 828 calories, and cycling twelve miles per hour burns around 639 calories.

Never think that just because you don’t have the time or money to go to the gym that you can take your physical fitness for granted. These are just some examples of ways to get fit at home. Coupled with the healthiest offerings from Herbalife, you’ll be on your way to a new you in no time.


Wellness is one of those things you really don’t think about until there’s a problem. As Herbalife distributors, it’s imperative that you help your clients get a grasp of what their lifestyle choices are doing to their long-term health. Herbalife has provided lots of different tools over the years which you can use to help your clients get a grasp on their overall wellness.

One of the best ones, is the wellness evaluation score, which takes a look at lifestyle choices such as exercise and diet and helps you as their distributor find ways which they can improve their score.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve launched a new online wellness evaluation form which can help make this process easier and more fun for your clients. How does it work? We’ve added links to the evaluation throughout your site, here’s an example from the new “refreshed” website theme.

Wellness Evaluation

The new HNN interactive wellness evaluation

Prospects can then answer a few questions and see their results presented in a numeric score. You can then follow up with them and provide more information and discuss ways they can improve their score. Taking the first step forward is always the hardest part. It’s important that you know where you are before you can make your plan to move forward to a new destination.

As a distributor, you will receive notification if someone fills out the evaluation. Use this as an opportunity to follow up with them and find the products which are uniquely suited for their individual needs and concerns.

Your prospects will also have the option to become a VIP club member for product purchasing, and subscribe to the HNN newsletter for periodic updates. This is all automatic.

>>>You can see a sample of the new wellness evaluation online here.<<<

The new Herbalife online wellness evaluation is provided as a free tool for you to use, as part of your HNN membership.

>>> Learn more about the HNN online marketing system for Herbalife. <<<

diet-policeThanks to stereotypical beauty constructs fed to us throughout our childhood and are fueled by mainstream media, a lot of people have become obsessed about being Photoshop-worthy than having a truly healthy body. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not a crime to want to look beautiful and be that person who inevitably looks good in everything that he or she wears. But the thing is, we all take different roads to achieving our dream figure and some even go out of their way to do just that. This is where the problem comes in: sometimes, we can be too fixated on fitting into our chosen beauty paradigm that we neglect our well-being.

Going on a diet isn’t solely about melting body fat and losing weight. Sure, these are two most commonly-known objectives behind nearly every diet regimen invented, but experts will agree that the ultimate goal to dieting is for people to be in good shape—literally and figuratively. However, not all the things that are in your diet handbook (whether bought or made-up) are beneficial. If you compare one manual with another, you’ll find that some tips clash with the other and while this article isn’t meant to elucidate every advice, it’s meant to shed light on what you shouldn’t do or quit doing so that you effectively shed pounds.

Here are six nutrition and diet myths you should free yourself from as soon as you can.

1. The Crash Diet

Remember that one instance (or was that two?) when you starved yourself for a good two weeks so that you can fit into that little black dress you bought for the office party? If you don’t, you can cringe at the fact that your body does—and vividly. While this example may be a little too elaborate, there are a lot of people (hint: not just women) who, in an attempt to lose weight, would skip meals in the hopes of losing weight.

Foregoing meals may give you the feeling that you’re dropping pounds since you’re not eating as much as you used to, but this is actually counterintuitive and potentially harmful. For instance, if you’re the kind of person who skips breakfast for one reason or another, you risk overeating the next time you go hungry. Skipping a meal and getting your fill at a later time can disrupt the rate and efficiency of your digestion and other bodily functions. In fact, reported studies indicate that can up the chances of people of getting a heart attack especially if done frequently.

People who want to lose weight but are pressed for time are often the ones who resort to crash dieting. It would be better though if you go for safer weight-loss methods, such as exercising and sticking to a diet plan that actually work. If you must skimp on eating, condition your body by reducing your food intake gradually. It’s still advisable to consult a physician who can help you draft a diet regimen that fits your lifestyle best.

2. Desserts are a No-No

Most desserts are packed with sugar, a component that many dieters try to swear off. Some people look at sweets as if is the bane of their dieting phases, because they are simply hard to resist especially if they come in the form of cake or ice cream.

Even when you’re on a diet, you still need a sufficient amount of calories and some of these you can get from desserts; you just need to make sure that you don’t go overboard. On the other hand, you still need to cut back on sweets if you are hell-bent on losing weight.

The easiest and most nourishing way to satisfy your sweet tooth is to eat the fruits that are in season. Not only are they natural, their sugar components break down faster than the ones found in cooked treats.

3. All Cholesterol is Bad Cholesterol

After hearing how bad cholesterol and that high levels of it can increase your chances of having hypertension and other potentially lethal illnesses, you automatically thought that cholesterol is bad. Wrong.

Cholesterol is a substance produced by the liver, and among its several functions is to help you digest fat. However, exposing yourself to unhealthy doses of saturated fats, such as the ones you get from your beloved pizza takeaway, can contribute to the building of cholesterol in your arteries and can up the risk of your getting a heart disease. If you want to maintain healthy levels of cholesterol, include in your diet a selection of nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils which are known to be sources of unsaturated fat.

4. More Carbs, More Fat

One of the things that people cut back on when they are on a diet is carbohydrates, due to the probable misinformation that its these basic building blocks are responsible for making them fat.

The truth is, your body needs carbohydrates to stock up on energy you’ll require throughout the day. Plenty of carb sources are also packed with fiber which can aid your digestion and give you essential nutrients. What makes you fat is eating more than you have to simply because you pack in calories beyond your ideal intake. If you must minimize your carb intake, go for whole grain bread, whole wheat pasta, oatmeal, and bananas.

5 . Eating Before Bedtime Makes You Fat

You’ve been probably told that your body digests food better during your most active part of the day; therefore, eating at night slows your metabolism. Not entirely true.

While a lot of diet plans suggest that you should not eat after 6 PM or 8 PM, the calories you take couldn’t care less about what time they enter your body. These diets aren’t essentially wrong, although there are chances that you may have been misinformed. While it may be true that we tend to be less active when we’re ready to call it a day, the way your body processes calories remains the same. What really contributes to your body fat is the amount of calories and cholesterol that are in your midnight snacks. If you’re the kind of person who just can’t resist munching while watching Netflix pre-bedtime, grab some fruit or cereal that is high in fiber.

6.  Anything ‘Low’ and ‘Lite” is Your Ally

The dieting and living healthy hype prompted nearly every food manufacturer to make a fat-free or sugar-free version of their products. Their efforts to try to slim everybody down that was, and remains, extensive went as far as reducing the word “light” to “lite”. The thing is not everything that if affixed with low-, less-, no-, and -free can be good for you.

More often than not, food products with less and low everything sacrifices the taste to make something not as fattening. In addition, manufacturers substitute the flavor with other artificial ingredients, which can consequently increase your calorie intake more than the regular version. Low-fat products can also give you the impression that you can consume more than you have to. You can still enjoy these items provided that you look out for the amounts of good and bad cholesterol and monitor your intake depending on your diet.

For most people, especially those that do not have specific health conditions, there’s not a one-size-fits-all diet that can guarantee the achievement of their goals. This doesn’t mean that you can’t try different plans. If you do, however, remember that it’s always best to consult with your physician or nutritionist before starting on a regimen.